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There's some potential here



My friend Jamel and I were hanging out one day so we decided to go on a walk. We walked alll around town trying to find something fun to do. So we found this really high stair case with a plat form at the top. So we climbed up the super high structure and stood at the top. We climbed 15m and boy were we tired, however while we stood there to catch our breath, i realized we could figure out the amount of gravitational potential energy we each had. But i easily could calculate it. Well, the equation of PEg= mgh. If we plug in the missing information we can find out who has the most Jamel'sPEg=(90kg)(9.81m/s2)(15m)=13244J Katie's= (60kg)(9.81m/s2)(15m)=8829J. I guess Jamel has a lot more potential then I do but hey we cant win at everything.


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