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My Venezian Wave



Over Spring Break I was fortunate enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean and travel through out Italy. For the last few days we spent our itme in Venice. If you do not know, Venice is a cluter of islands and is then called a region of Italy. Aside from its beauty and uniqueness, there is a lot of physics in the water surrouding the islands.

The days we had to travel off of the smaller islands we had to take a boat to one of the larger islands. Now I can barely stand riding shotgun in a car on the road without getting car sick. Now i am expected to ride over water and their waves and not throw up my breakfast. But I distracted myself with the beautiful sites around me. But also, looking back I could have practiced calculating the speed of the waves. This can be easily done by measuring the distance between the waves and how many times in completes a full cycle. With this information, I can easily use the equation. Velocity= frequency x Lambda. This will allow me to understand the physics behind the waves and just how many times I will feel the waves while I am riding in the boat. Maybe some how this information could help me not feel as sick while riding the waves! :blink:


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