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How to Let Someone Down Using Physics



In my physics class, there is a student who believes that I am her biggest fan. She seems to only understand her false perception when I use physics terms, so it inspired me to create a list of things to say to someone you're not interested in in physics terms. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up being the one hot physics person in the future and you need to fight off all the nerds...and they only speak physics. Well here are some tips so survive such instances.

  • Forget displacement, we need pure distance between us
  • I'm going to get a restraining order for 20 km. Can you convert that to meters?
  • In my heart you do not matter much, this is a waste of your energy, and we will not interact. (Things that relate to physics)
  • I'm 1.11 x 10^7% not interested
  • I don't have room for a significant figure in my life right now
  • V=d/t means Victor, don't try
  • This will only end in a downward slope
  • I didn't free fall for you, like you did, me
  • I need to be projected in a different direction right now
  • All of this work was catapulted on me and i just don't have time for dating now
  • An object in single will stay in single until interested in someone, and that's not the case for me
  • I need to be a free body right now
  • F=maybe you should ask Gladys out, instead
  • There's too much friction in my life for dating
  • There's too much centripital acceleration of your ego towards your head
  • I already see you too...frequency
  • Can you stop orbiting my desk?
  • I'm attracted to you gravitationally only
  • I need to build up my momentum so i can have a good future, so I can't go out tonight
  • I need to conserve my energy for work, I have a big project to work on
  • You don't make my stomach spring like there's butterflies.
  • There's no electric charge here
  • I have soccer on the electric field, so i can't go to color me mine with you and your mother, Richard
  • There's a lot of potential difference between us
  • I'm sorry, but I'll have to resist
  • My compass just doesn't point to you
  • There's no magnetic force pulling me to you
  • I need to ride the waves of life right now
  • I can't have anything interfere with my work now

Hope this helped with the relationship handling. Some of the suggestions are more for those who just don't get the message. I pray that these will work for me!

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