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pretty neat stuff



real quick: watch this link because if you don't, you won't know what i'm talking about:)

OKAY. So. A few days ago I came across this neat little video on Facebook. I guess I'll talk about each individual "trick":

1. They said this was a "ball in slow motion". Personally, I don't really think this one was as quite as successful/interesting. However, this trick does incorporate lots of physics!! Firstly, it's on a ramp. So if we were to calculate the acceleration, we'd have to know theta. Secondly, we can see that the honey does slow down the speed of the ball and there is a lot of friction inhibiting the ball to roll freely. All in all, did the ball really look like it was in slow motion? To me, not so much..

2. Next we have the "Water Fire Starter". This one uses the curved bottle to focus light onto the paper and thus heating the paper up and bursting it into flames. I have some questions on this one and want to know how exactly it works. It seems to me that the idea is very similar to a magnifying glass but I wonder if the water inside the bottle helps this happen. Hmm...

3. The "No Leak Magic Bag"! Pretty cool from the looks of it, I must say and I am very curious to try this out myself. I looked up why it works for anyone who is curious, including myself. I found that "plastic bags are made out of polymers chains of molecules that are flexible and give the bag its stretchiness. When the sharp pencil pokes through the bag, the stretchy plastic hugs around the pencil, creating a watertight seal around the pencil…and the bag doesn’t leak." 

4. "Liquid Stacking". The end result actually looked pretty cool but we all know it all works because of density differences.

5. "Invisible Bottle". I believe Mr. Powlin actually demonstrated this in our class last year. #indexofrefraction

6. "Dancing Liquid". This reminded me of my childhood when I used to play with cornstarch and water all the time. This trick uses the vibrations formed from the sound waves to create the "dancing liquid".

7. "Magic Water Barrier". Personally, I thought this one was actually wicked neat. Temperature of water effects the density, explaining why the two colors do not mix.

8. "Leidenfrost Effect". I was really interested in the physics behind this. For anyone who's interested, here's what and why it happens: "The Leidenfrost effect  is a physical phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer keeping that liquid from boiling rapidly. At temperatures above the Leidenfrost point, the bottom part of the water droplet vaporizes immediately on contact with the hot surface. The resulting gas suspends the rest of the water droplet just above it." WHOLE BUNCH OF PHYSICS IN THIS PEOPLE!! Nothing brings me more joy than that.

9. "Reverse Allusion" Lots and lots of refraction, bending of light and optics :))))))))))))))))))))))

10. "Reversing Liquid" Enough about me.. my question is for all of you physic nerds: why do you think this happens? (don't answer it Mr. Fullerton or Mr. Baker!!!!!)





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