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Godspeed - an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey.

But what is godspeed exactly? Why did this term come about? I'm assuming that it would originate with wishing someone a speedy journey, or a rapid completion of some task... much like this one... But I like to think that this phrase sort of evolved from people trying to one up each other in good wishes. Specifically I'm imagining two people trying to prove that they're the better man, with each response being more angry than the last.

Man 1: "May you have a good journey"

Man 2: "May you have a speedy journey"

1: "May your velocity always point towards your goal"

2: "May your force guide you their, whichever way it must push"

1: "May your journey require little force multiplied by the distance traveled"

2: "May yours be friction-less"

1: "May yours be completed at c, the speed of light"

2: "May yours be completed within the nanosecond"

3: "May both of your journeys be completed with a speed synonymous with that of God"

(1 and 2 lower their heads in shame upon realizing the delinquency of their actions)

1 (whispers): "Speed of Hermes"

2 (also whispers): "Speed of God"

3 (Whispers in triumph): "Godspeed"

(1 and 2 now admit defeat at the hand, or more the mouth of, their better)

Yeah... so this is what just happened in my head... sorry you had to see that. Back to the point I was going to make, godspeed is a speed which the human mind can barely begin to fathom, much less achieve. Our current laws of physics prevent any object from traveling faster than the speed of light. Godspeed would be millions of times faster than that. It is the speed traveled by a being that exists outside of time, a factor that is kind of necessary when calculating speed. Maybe attaining this speed would be the answer to the question of time travel. Move so fast that you move right out of time, then traipse along to whatever time you want, and slow back down. Maybe say " 'sup " to God on the way too, it is his speed after all.

Well, until next time, Kol Tuv


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