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This title might sound fun, but I can assure you it is not. If you are currently following my snapchat story, you know about the flattop debacle at work. For all you normal people, I'll give a quick recap. Today I had to clean the flat top grill at work. This is done by pouring on pickle juice vinegar on the grill and wiping it off with this brick thing. The trouble was that I had to clean all the corners, and our flattop has these little walls around the cooking area, I assume only for the purpose of causing me pain. So I was using this brick to clean off the stove top, and I decided to go after the corner, brick held firmly in my hands, weighed down significantly by my awesome muscles. The only problem was all the pickle juice left on the stove, and as the space between the wall and the brick grew shorter, the vinegar had to go somewhere. The rate of area loss for the liquid was too grate (if only this story were cheesier...) for it to pour out the front, and it had to push in other directions. Namely up and onto my arm. Can I tell you what's not fun? having burning hot vinegar on your arm. That's not fun. It's pretty much the opposite of fun. Anyway, I blame physics for all my pain and suffering tonight, so until next time, kwaheri


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