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In my last work entry(not splash though), I forgot to say how I blame physics for me getting wet. I know the pizza cutter could be involve, but that's more my fault. The real problem is all of our bowls and ladles. I don't know why or how, but all of our round dishes have the perfect curvature to completely soak me every time I spray them. It doesn't matter which way i face them or what angle I shoot from, somehow it always manages to soak me. I know the materials have little to know friction, especially with water, so they don't steal much energy. any energy going in is retained coming out. This allows for the proper soakature of the washer(that's me). Then, the angle throughout the bowl is ideal for altering direction, even defying the very laws of physics, just to get me wet. That is not okay, and I fully expect the physics police to go and arrest those bowls while the case holds water, and the ladles before they stir up any more trouble. Until next time, I'm too lazy to look up another goodbye in another language so ta ta for now


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