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Static Shock!



There's this show I used to watch as a kid called Static Shock, about this kid who almost got caught up in a gang war but instead get super powers (great premise, right?). His basic skill set revolves around his ability to manipulate electricity, which I thought was fitting considering our current unit, and I think I can get a couple blog posts out of it. Anyway, one of the most memorable uses of his powers is his flying disk. Early on in the series, Static has to make a quick getaway and sees an old metal garbage can lid. He uses his powers to magnetize it and pulls it towards himself. He then proceeds to jump on it and fly away. This is explained in the show by him creating "imbalances in a self-generated electromagnetic field" that force the disc off the ground and allows him to fly. This also allows him to stay on the disc, even while upside-down. So you can bet that when I do inevitably receive the ability to manipulate electricity that I will undoubtedly be putting this to the test. 

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What age group do you think this series is targeted toward?  Sounds like a fun series for my girls when they get a bit older...

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