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Who Am I?



Throughout my past three years as an IHS student, i have sought out the hardest classes i could. Starting with AP Euro then expanding my AP's into my current schedule. I have swam and ran for IHS in the past and will continue to swim this year. I enjoy the challenges of school and sports and hope to continue these challenges this year. I decided to take this course after being told my college administrators that AP Physics 1 would not be accepted no matter the AP score and that part of AP-C would be accepted. Also, after hearing that this class was one the hardest three in the high school I knew i wanted to challenge the course. My goal for the class is to over come the challenge and learn more about the world of physics that would help with my plan in terms of college major (Aerospace Engineering). This year i am excited that I can take courses that I enjoy and that aren't easy and to push my limits in the classroom and in the pool. My anxiety this year revolves around keeping up with my course work and managing my time when taking four AP's, planning and doing my Eagle Project, swimming, applying for college, and being a good host for my exchange partner who will be in Rochester in 10 days.


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I love this introductory blog post, and your willingness to keep pushing yourself year after year.  I am interested to hear what folks think the other two hardest classes are...  my guesses would be Calc BC and AP Music Theory?  Just curious.  Sounds like you're up for a fantastic and fun year.  :jig:

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I also know the feeling of having the weight of an Eagle Project looming over you, as I still have to get mine done with not much time left, i don't know how much time you have left, but do it! I'm sure everything else will feel a whole lot better once that's done, and It should be fun too.

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