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I Drop Everything



Over the course of the past week, I have started to notice that I tend to drop everything. Anything from hair ties to binders to my phone. I am honestly surprised that most of the things that I have dropped have not broken. When we started learning about drag forces and air resistance, I began to notice how long the items take to fall. My math homework definitely seems to take longer to reach the floor compared to a small hair tie that seems to fly right to the ground. Even though we just took the test in class yesterday, I definitely need to focus a little bit more on actually learning the derivation for problems and making sure that I really know and understand it before I take the next test. I have been confused on the math of it since I read about it in the textbook but I hope that I can focus the next few days on getting it down pat.

Until next time, 



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Dropped my daughter once...  didn't notice the air resistance kicking in.  Did notice the mom resistance kicking in shortly thereafter, however.    :mad:

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