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Green is my favorite color, here's why: 

the frequency of green light is 526-606 THz(Terahertz) and it's wavelength is 495-570 nm

In my opinion, green should replace yellow as a primary color, it is just so much better

The colors displayed by your computer screen or TV are made of super tiny pixels made of 3 different colors, red GREEN and blue, hence RGB

image.png.abda57c3252a4b9eb479c671c83c7ec1.png         VS    image.jpeg.feeae6651378db29cf17d8d6a862e41d.jpeg

Seeing these colors very zoomed out(as your eye does) can make them seem like any other color on the spectrum from black to white

But why green and not yellow, it would make sense for it to be yellow because it is one of the primary colors like red and blue?
This is because red green and blue are additive colors, meaning that as you add more of the color, it gets brighter, and this makes sense to use for computers because they emit light.

The reason that anything is any color, is because of how light is absorbed, if (almost) all light is absorbed by surface, it will appear black. This is why black surfaces get so hot in the summer, because they are absorbing more light energy. If a surface absorbs (almost) no light, then it will look white.

So any light that is seen by your eye is reflected light off of a surface, otherwise that light will be absorbed by the surface and turned into heat.

The differences in the wavelengths of the colors in light are what cause them to be absorbed by a surface or not.


This has been a rudimentary explanation of light, there are of course many more things that could be discussed, perhaps that can be in a future post. 


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