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What's in a Name?



1 Gauss = Mx/cm2 = 10-4T = a guy = /gous/ noun, a unit of magnetic induction

1 Tesla = measurements for magnetic fields = 104G = the SI unit of magnetic flux density = another guy

1 Newton = who knows?

Wow look, these units are all named after some cool science guys, this is concurrent with many other units; Ampere, Kelvin, Pascal, Coulomb, Watt, Volt(a), Ohm, Farad(ay), Weber, Joule, and of course the Becquerel named after none other than Antoine Henri Becquerel.

Seems like you gotta be a pretty smart science guy to have a unit named after you, wonder when we'll get the Nye... But anyway who is this "Maxwell" and why does he get to be known for the four equations; Gauss' Law, Gauss' Law for Magnetism, Faraday's Law, and Ampere's Law? Well apparently he was pretty cool, he pretty much found that electricity, magnetism and light are all different manifestations of the same phenomenon in his theory of Electromagnetic Radiation. And these equations have been called the "Second Great Unification in Physics".

So yeah, you gotta be a rad science guy to have a unit or equation named after you. Comment down below what your unit would be called and what it would pertain to!

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