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  1. Mixtapes have physics behind them but you have to look at in a different perspective. Mixtapes have wave interference which is two or more waves in the same medium at the same time and same location. Mixtapes use sound waves and a lot of times artists who make mixtapes choose two waves that start at the same time to start their song. A new sound wave might interfere but they both continue as if they have never met and that represent constructive interference. If there is a destructive interference there will be a smaller amplitude which means it will be a softer sound for the mixtape.
  2. Physics in guitars does actually exist. Since there are nodes at both ends of a string, the length of the string will equal to half of the wavelength of the original fundamental. Strings on a guitar represent standing waves because the string is fixed at both ends of the guitar. When playing a cord, it creates frequency. The more frequency, the louder the pitch or sound will be. To create different frequencies of the strings, you must have different wave speeds. Speed on a guitar is calculated much differently than anything else because not all objects have tension. If a wave travels slower, t
  3. Track is definitely one of the best sports to represent all different laws and different parts of physics. Discus and shot-put represent a projectile projector because after it is thrown it creates a probably having a mass and velocity before hitting the ground. The speed of a runner is determined by the distance traveled with each stride. It is also easy to figure out how much distance a runner will cover in a given time that the coach tells them. When having the velocity at which they are traveling we use the following equation: V=d/t, if we rearrange that equation and plug in velocity and t
  4. Snowboarding is almost as cool as surfing. Both sports have some of the same physics related to each other. To better understand the physics behind snowboarding it is best to start with a free body diagram. The snow is pushing up on the boarder and there is gravity pushing down on the boarder. Newton's Law is the most relevant with down hill or slope snowboarding because of the collisions that might happen. A snowboarder crashing into a tree represents Newton's third law because even though the tree is still, it is exerting the same amount of force back on the snowboarder. Rather than a tree,
  5. Airsoft guns add excitement but also help in combat or any war type scenario. Once the BB or the little foam bullet leaves the gun, it has a magnitude and a vector. When the BB or foam bullet is fired, it forms a projective trajectory that looks like a parabola. Calculating the velocity will allow you to calculate the fps (feet per second). A good airsoft gun will have a higher fps which will give you the end result of having more range. After figuring out the velocity, it is easy to figure out the kinetic energy using the equation Ek=(1/2)mv^2. Using the equation you will plug in the velocity
  6. I have nearly crowd surfed at every concert except of course any concert where I am in the lawn because I would not get far or a country concert because it isn't the right concert. Crowd surfing is something my mom doesn't approve but it's a must when at concerts. Crowd surfing is rather easy. Your body becomes a free body diagram. There are forces such as mg, and the force of the people holding you up. I get the help of two bodies with a mass greater than mine because I know they will be able to support me. When crowd surfing you can either go forwards or backwards so that also shows the dire
  7. A tackle in rugby is much different than any other sport. The tackler wants to wrap up around the upper legs, dragging the runner to the ground to force a turnover. By wrapping the legs, the forward momentum of the player with the ball takes them to the ground. Momentum measures how hard it is to stop moving an object. A rugby player, like a football player, hits at the low because a runner's mass is concentrated at the center. The momentum is conserved. An elastic collision is just like a rugby tackle because the momentum is equal before and after. The ball is thrown underhand. The thrower de
  8. You can think of your arms as pendulums and your feet as the weight of the pendulum. When you want to get a pendulum to swing faster, you need to shorten it. We have mastered the concept of shortening the pendulum by bending our knees as we run. We would look like narps if we ran with them locked. Our body works like gears on a bicycle. We warm-up to loosen the muscles and that's when we feel the burn in our quads and that is how gears work. After a warm-up you have reached a constant stride. Physics helps us with running because it allows us to calculate the amount of time it will take us to
  9. In one of the episodes of SpongeBob, Patrick holds a book titled: "The Physics of Fun." Physics appears to be everywhere. Patrick reads this book to find out what has changed since he fell off a cliff in Jellyfish Fields. As the title of the book already says, the book is about physics of having fun. The book doesn't give Patrick any further information but say we plugged in numbers. Patrick weighs 150 pounds with all the krabby patties he eats. He falls vertically down the cliff. He is in the air for 10 seconds before he falls flat on his face. How high off the ground was the cliff? d= vi(
  10. Football is such a brutal sport that incorporates every concept of physics. When someone throws a football they are using physics. Every factor such as the angle, distance, weight, velocity, can tell you different parts of physics. The force of gravity also becomes a factor when a ball travels through the air it travels in a curved motion. The path it takes is called projectile motion. Looking at each player, you can figure out their acceleration they contribute to the team. Each player starts at rest unless they run across because of the play the quarterback chooses. Starting at rest gives yo
  11. Trampolines is perfect to show true physics. When you jump you can calculate vi, vf, d, a, and t. While standing flat on the surface you can draw a free diagram. There would be an arrow pointing down to represent mg and an arrow up because you are perpendicular to the surface. What makes you slow down when you jump? When you bounce down to the trampoline, it absorbs some of your momentum. This reduces your momentum and that'll lead to a decrease in your velocity. If you jump with greater speed and force, you will have a larger jump.
  12. Lighting is one of the most important and powerful display of electrostatics. The concept behind lighting is still not fully understood but the cloud build up a positive charge and a negative charge. When lighting is formed it is most common that on the bottom, the cloud is negatively charged and the top is positively charged. Now where does thunder come from? The electrons are rapidly moving and the air along the path emits light. While the electrons are rapidly moving it creates heat that rapidly expands creating thunder.
  13. Sleep, something that everyone loves and that many people often have to catch up on. Ever wonder why we sleep parallel to the ground? Sleeping parallel to the ground cools your mind because it is much different than sleeping with your head in the north direction, which would cut the geomagnetic field at right angles and would make it more difficult to sleep. Strong magnetic fields can affect your brain. It is much of a controversial topic because research has proven differently. During MRI's they look at the amount of magnetic field and see whether or not the person has an affect and 9/10 time
  14. Texting and driving is not an unusual topic that is brought up, rather it can be a very heated topic because of the different point of views. Texting while driving is a factor of many deaths in our country. Physics can detect if you have been texting while driving. Using time and distance helps us see how teens react while driving when texting or even under the influence. The average speed on a high way is normally 70 miles per hour. The average stopping distance for a driver who is not distracted would be 17.68 m. Someone who is texting, the average stopping distance would be 40.68m, roughly
  15. Dogs are the best and now physics will run through our heads while taking them on a walk!
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