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  1. A young physicst at Irondequoit High School has calculated the acceleration due to gravity,g, in an innovative way. They started off their procedure by timing a nerf ball dropping from the ceiling. One person dropped the ball and timed, while the others recorded the results. After finding the acceleration due to gravity, d=vi(t) + (1/2)(a)(t), they calculated the percent error. They had a 60% error in their calculations. Although their calculations may be off they did a great assessing the acceleration. Imani Davis Sandra Esparza Josh Merkel Chanae Lyons-Orange
  2. Merkel

    physics of my cat

    I hate cats and especially yours. But your story about physics is good.
  3. Shooting the ball in lacrosse requires physics. When the ball is shot, it initially starts at rest and increases in velocity very quickly. When i shoot the ball it goes so fast that no one can see it and i always score. Because of the force behind the ball, it breaks the lacrosse net usually. sometimes after going through the net it hits a person. The speed of the ball is so high that it knocks most people over. The net does create some resitance along with the air so no one usually dies. They only break a bone or two.
  4. Merkel

    Physics of Hockey

    Wow theo i learned quite a bit about physics. I like the story too
  5. Omg Miranda!!! i hope you do good with chearleading
  6. I didnt know this about you. You seem like an interesting person and would like to know more about you. Maybe one day we could become good friends.
  7. Merkel

    About Me

    Here are some things about me. I play football and lacrosse but lacrosse is my favorite sport. I love to joke around and sometimes i joke around too much so I apoligize in advance if im annoying. I am a free spirit who lives a stress free life and plan to keep it that way. I am taking phsics because i was forced to take this class. I have hated all my science classes since freshman year. I hope to learn a lot about physics this year while having fun. I know almost nothing about physics so im coming into class this year with an open mind and i am eager to learn as much as possible.
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