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  1. The medical uses are helpful. That is a good reason to continue funding even though there are risks in doing it. I also didn't know about the power transmission cables pretty interesting. * funding **because *** attributes **** Neutrons *****research
  2. I believe we should not continue funding for particle collision research. I think this because the research is risky and can lead to damage like microscopic black holes which their nature can be unpredictable. Also the splitting of particles and atoms have been proven to have consequences with the Atom Bomb. Also the extreme amount of funding for these projects which in all don't have an effect on our daily lives is substantial. This money could be used for more mandatory needs. That is why I don't think we should continue funding on particle colliders.
  3. Basketball also has plenty of physics as well. You have plenty of force from when you block someone sends a shot into the stands or dunk on someone. Also their is force from when you dribble the basketball that is how physics is incorporated into basketball.
  4. Baseball uses the most physics in sports as their is tones of force from throwing out runners to robbing homer to having extrem force to knock the ball out of the park. Those are the ways physics is prominent in America past time
  5. My family just bought a new sound system for the tv which means my tv becomes a big ball of physics. Surround sound works using physics as if you sit in the right place you can have all the sound waves hitting resonating into your ears and make the tv sound as life like as possible
  6. During one of our slinky wave labs I learned that physics has its darker side. As we were creating the wave with the slinky me holding one side and a Prather holding the other the slinky slipped from my group members hand and applied a much painful force to my stomach. As the rest of the group and Mr Fullerton got a kick out of my painful encounter with physics
  7. After the waves test I was really bored so I started making the light coming through the window move around and flash into people's eyes. Little did I know I was actually doing physics. The light wad reflecting off My phone to the equal angle to whoever I was trying to hit physics is fun
  8. With the controversy behind why the patriots beat my colts I'm here to tell you that the patriots did indeed have an unfair advantage an physics will help me explain. Their inability to pump up their balls resulted in less air pressure in the footballs. This allows the wide receivers to catch the ball much easier because there isn't as much force from the ball into their hand helping them carry catch and throw the football better. That is why the patriots are cheaters and physics is on my side. Go Colts! Go Physics!
  9. Don't leave the kickers and punters out of the physics fun though. They use physics in a similar way to the quarterbacks but they use their feet instead of their arms. They apply the force to the ball by kicking the ball at a trajectory so the ball accelerates to go the distance to make it through the uprights. They unlike us students can't neglect air resistance or they will find themselves out of a job.
  10. NFL defender might have the most physics working for them. They apply big hits to helpless backs and receivers with crazy amount of force. This effects the offensive players physics ability to as the defenders hit applies so much bone crushing force not only to the helpless running back but the football itself causing the ball to come out and the offense to turn it over. Offense sells seats defense wins games but physics wins championships.
  11. In football there is a lot of physics in the quarterback position. There is a lot of kinematics involved. They have to throw a ball a distance with speed and acceleration to avoid ball-hawking defenders. Also they have to throw the ball with a trajectory and angle to land the ball right into the hands of their reliable receivers hands. So the best quarterbacks making the most money and in the hall of fame have physics to thank.
  12. Watching the Colts patriots game it made me realize how important a strong running game. To have a good running game you need to have physics on your side. What I mean by this is in blocking. The Lineman that is able to exert the bigger force is able to push back the other causing a hole to open up for the running back to accelerate through. Which sadly for my colts that didn't work out on their side.
  13. cool plans and good advice Delaney
  14. I want to do the catapult too
  15. Sounds like you've got a pretty busy year ahead Katie! Looking forward to a fun year... (What's the current top item in the Netflix queue?)
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