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  1. jkane

    It Gets Easier

    I'm happy to see kphysics commented. looks like the end of course review will not be dreaded! jk
  2. I loved the cat flip also. physics is amazing!
  3. I wonder how much static electricity builds during the day.... fun blog!
  4. jkane

    Fun in Physics Class

    you make me smile. So glad it is making sense. I'm sorry it did not in the beginning. physics can get very complicated but the same process that you have developed will help you tackle more. nice video!
  5. Ok moon77, is the moon "falling"?
  6. I like the puzzle-ness too. try this: http://cwx.prenhall.com/bookbind/pubbooks/giancoli/chapter19/deluxe.html
  7. jkane


    yes, that is a great site. Glad the electricity understanding has less ohms now....
  8. the absence of reality feeds the imagination! (well, that is a paraphrase of Samuel Taylor Coleridge who said it better: willing suspension of disbelief) There are many good examples to study how fantacy-like movies are. More talk on http://www.intuitor.com/moviephysics/
  9. nice thoughts Fizziks, learning can be so much fun on your own!! love the picture, soon it will be fun summer water balloons.
  10. Our H Physics class just recieved the results from their experiments in the CELERE program (Portland State University and NASA) which provides an opportunity for students to explore the effect of microgravity on the capillary action of oil in channels in experiments of their own design. http://celere.mme.pdx.edu/CELERE_2014/ (If you want to participate, the next and final due date for designs is April 1, 2014 : http://spaceflightsystems.grc. nasa.gov/CELERE/ ). Next students will attempt to quantify the effects. We are also looking at how we could improve the experiments, something often neglected in HS experiments.
  11. I like the video explanation of unconventional current direction. nice blog, nice edits!
  12. jkane

    3 8 14

    We have come a long way from alligator clips in circuits. See the new circuits that are only microns thick: http://physicsinventions.com/index.php/worlds-lightest-thinnest-circuits-pave-way-imperceptible-electronics/
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