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    The End....

    Now that physics has come to an end, I understand a ton of information that will now always spark into my mind on a daily basis just by doing normal things. For instance when ever I throw a baseball I can't he but to think about different factors in projectile motion, like why does the ball fly the way it does and how can I get the ball to go the farthest with the right angle. Physics is everywhere and in everything and if you know a little physics then you will notice it a lot. This year we learned about all kinds of physics concepts and we did all kinds of experiments. Some of my favorit
  2. I never thought of my bed in this way.
  3. That's so cool that you tested that. It's definitely hard to imagine that an elephant would hit the ground at the same time as a golf ball if dropped from the same height.
  4. I always look forward to skiing in the winter. Now that I have taken physics, I can understand different concepts of physics involved in skiing. I'd say the most prevalent physics concept besides gravity is the force of friction on the skier's skis. Although the coefficient of friction is only .05 it creates a large impact on the skier. This matters a lot when you are a skier going off of jumps needing the perfect speed. When the snow is wet and sticky, it can be much harder to keep speed and the friction between the skis and the snow is stronger. Another concept of physics in skiing
  5. Today sixth period i went to my friends 15 minutes of fame on swimming and i couldnt help but notice the physics involved. What i first noticed was the transfer of energy and forges in tyhe swimmers body to the water. From the energy put into the body, like food, that was transfered into the muscles to move through the water. The swimmer has to exert great force to increase his or her velocity in the water. Because of Conservation of Energy, energy is not lost but transfered from the swimmer into the water. When the energy is transfered into the water it creates waves. With more enegy
  6. From the projectile motion unit of physics class, i learned that a smooth ball has forces acting on it as it passes through the air: Gravity and the force of friction, air resistance. A baseball, on the otherhand has laces so the forces act a bit different. The baseball still has the force of gravity acting on it, although because of the laces the air resistance is more affective known as "Drag". Drag has a very lage influece on a baseball. if the ball were to be thrown or hit in a vacume, there would be no drag, so the path of the ball would be a perfect parobolic shape. Although as all ba
  7. Woah.... Ruits I know you have kind of tried to explain this to me in lunch, but this is sooooo interesting and my brain feels a little weird. I'm am very interested in learning more about "Dark Matter"
  8. I've always been so interested in this phenomenon. I love hiking and the outdoors and I LOVE seeing rainbows at a distance or in a light drizzle. This is so interesting and I hope someday I witness a double rainbow!! Great post!!
  9. Surprisingly an outfielder needs to know physics to play good baseball in his position. Most people might think that catching a fly ball or a line drive is easy, but in reality it is not. Outfielders have a half of a second to pick up exactly where the ball is going to end up. The first initial reaction to a hit to an outfielder is, is it going to the left or right. The next fraction of the second must be used to see the exact velocity and angle the ball travels off of the baseball bat. Baseball players, especially in the outfield, are physicists. They need to be smart enough to see the imm
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