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  1. Paper apocalypse? Also optical illusions are fascinating.
  2. looby

    Medieval Science

    The fact that people who couldn't master basic levels of hygiene mastered trebuchet design is somewhat frightening, they have a terrible sense of priorities.
  3. I won't lie seeing the finish line at the beginning of the race feels me with rage, it's basically a giant reminder that your running for no practical reason, the finish is right there and you still run away, it is so frustrating.
  4. Wow i had no idea they had a distinct diaphragm that's a crazy adaptation, also I'm now beyond frightened of them.
  5. The idea of breaks that locked the tires and let you slide to your death is terrifying, thank goodness for advances in technology.
  6. looby

    The Tunguska Event

    I'm not sure what's more frightening a meteor impact event or the word tunguska
  7. Take that sandra bullock! Really though the lack of physics knowledge in a movie called gravity is kind of insulting
  8. I think you might be over thinking springsteen that or i am terrible at listening to music.
  9. Sailing is way more complicated than I ever expected, Honestly anytime i read something about i feel dumb this blog post included
  10. The feeling of being pulled outward is really weird, someone has to know why that happens
  11. Fun fact: bad joke, solid blog post though.
  12. looby


    This is the literary masterpiece of our generation I now have a complete grasp of physics
  13. Awkward hallway encounters are the worst
  14. Originally this post was going to be written as a play and emulate shakespeare but it's so hard to use blank verse and iambic pentameter when words like acceleration take up half the steps per line, It's as if physics wasn't designed to be performed by a theater troupe I mean seriously Newton? Where's your artistry bruh bruh? Needless to say my original plan failed rather colossally so I'm just gonna present the gist of what the play would have been and break down the physics behind it. The curtains open to a library where leibniz and newton are having a heated debate over the credit for that
  15. So when I arrive at college, I will have taken two years of AP physics and be starting a long and joy filled four years majoring in... english. If you fail to see how these two relate, congratulations you are achieving normalcy. Tragically normalcy is myopic so you're still pretty much wrong, writing involves physics, you just have to think about it for a while, and really reach for a connection. Writing comes with its related force, velocity, momentum, acceleration, etc, it can just be a little more abstract. To begin with there is the obvious initial literal circumstance holding the penci
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