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  1. Paper apocalypse? Also optical illusions are fascinating.
  2. looby

    Medieval Science

    The fact that people who couldn't master basic levels of hygiene mastered trebuchet design is somewhat frightening, they have a terrible sense of priorities.
  3. I won't lie seeing the finish line at the beginning of the race feels me with rage, it's basically a giant reminder that your running for no practical reason, the finish is right there and you still run away, it is so frustrating.
  4. Wow i had no idea they had a distinct diaphragm that's a crazy adaptation, also I'm now beyond frightened of them.
  5. The idea of breaks that locked the tires and let you slide to your death is terrifying, thank goodness for advances in technology.
  6. looby

    The Tunguska Event

    I'm not sure what's more frightening a meteor impact event or the word tunguska
  7. Take that sandra bullock! Really though the lack of physics knowledge in a movie called gravity is kind of insulting
  8. I think you might be over thinking springsteen that or i am terrible at listening to music.
  9. Sailing is way more complicated than I ever expected, Honestly anytime i read something about i feel dumb this blog post included
  10. The feeling of being pulled outward is really weird, someone has to know why that happens
  11. Fun fact: bad joke, solid blog post though.
  12. looby


    This is the literary masterpiece of our generation I now have a complete grasp of physics
  13. Awkward hallway encounters are the worst
  14. Originally this post was going to be written as a play and emulate shakespeare but it's so hard to use blank verse and iambic pentameter when words like acceleration take up half the steps per line, It's as if physics wasn't designed to be performed by a theater troupe I mean seriously Newton? Where's your artistry bruh bruh? Needless to say my original plan failed rather colossally so I'm just gonna present the gist of what the play would have been and break down the physics behind it. The curtains open to a library where leibniz and newton are having a heated debate over the credit for that whole weird calculus thing. Keep in mind it's a library so all of this happens with a minimal volume. The argument escalates rather violently and the two draw up arms. While they fight they literally shout-whisper out the physics and calculus of what their doing. Lines like "i strike thee with a great velocity"or "thou shall cease to have energy kinetic nor potential!" Anyway the play will be funny when i finish it for my blog next quarter. But for now I'll discuss the physic of two calc geniuses beating each other silly. You see each time one hits the other their built up momentum that goes with their punch becomes a major impulse delivering a huge force in minimal time, performing work on things like newton's teeth when their position is rather drastically shifted. When they presumably throw the library books at each other the projectile motion has to be accounted for, the velocity of a book thrown by newton will hit leibniz with a great reduction due to drag forces and the acceleration due to gravity.
  15. So when I arrive at college, I will have taken two years of AP physics and be starting a long and joy filled four years majoring in... english. If you fail to see how these two relate, congratulations you are achieving normalcy. Tragically normalcy is myopic so you're still pretty much wrong, writing involves physics, you just have to think about it for a while, and really reach for a connection. Writing comes with its related force, velocity, momentum, acceleration, etc, it can just be a little more abstract. To begin with there is the obvious initial literal circumstance holding the pencil and applying a sufficient force as to leave a graphite trail on the paper. From hear on out the velocity and acceleration have a more abstract air about them. Your velocity is obviously your rate of writing but this rate's dictating acceleration is driven by your inspiration rather than any particular force. The frictional force that causes you to decelerate and eventually stop is called writers block rather than a rough surface or drag. The physics of writing certainly isn't all that complicated, there's no electromagnetism or other major difficulty, but physics is most definitely present because physic is like death and taxes, inescapable.
  16. "buttery" and "sugary" so scientific
  17. I'm gonna open this post up with a quick comment on the creative titling of everyone's blog posts. Is there some ancient law written in the blood of our ancestors that says "thou shall only run an aplusphysics blog if every blog post doth have the words "physics of/in/behind" upon it's title". I mean c'mon everyone get your title game on point. Seriously with a title that boring I'm about to accelerate my scrolling velocity sooo hard just to get away from your stereotypical generic brand physics blog. Of course there are some exceptions, titles like "buttery gnar" supply a sufficient impulse to transition my momentum from the direction of scrolling to the direction of reading. I mean really now "Buttery Gnar" what sort of grand mystery hides behind that title, I definitely feel a stronger force to gravitate towards that rather than "physics of throwing something" that title packs a huge force of repulsion, it's lack of enthusiasm is so extreme that the natural flow of the universe literally demands that some of my enthusiasm be sucked out to establish equilibrium. I don't even have that much enthusiasm to begin with, so thanks to that blog title and the universe for being a kill joy. To sum this all up, lame blog titles are lame and physics agrees.
  18. I've been told that school starts at 8 am, as of now i have yet to confirm this outlandish myth. I've only ever seen this school from 8 10 on to 3 00 and presumably that is the span of time in which it actually exists, the rest of the day it's probably just an empty lot with the ashes of burnt regents exams, that's what they do with regents exams right? Burn them? I mean that's the only logical thing to do. Hmmm well now it's time to make this rant physics relevant. How shall I accomplish this? By breaking down the physics of my tardy walk to school that results in the building snapping into existence, plot twist that is exactly what i'm going to do. This journey begins with an initial input of energy, the sound of an alarm, such suffices to overcome the resisting force of a luxurious bed and bestow a velocity that moves me to perform standard morning malarkey shower shave etcetera. With that done I travel down the stairs now with a velocity in the x and y and z directions yowzah! When I hit the back door there is a massive deceleration, the emotional weight of leaving my humble abode is rather slowing. So I slowly depart in sullen spirits and begin the trek to the estate of education and a lot of annoying student like seriously way too many annoying kids there has to be something we can do with them. About half way along my 400 meter journey, I check my watch, and wow i'm late, waaaaay later than is considered fashionable, I've made a huge mistake, maybe I should just go home. Nope Massive acceleration in direction of the school, oh no wait i'm going to school, slight acceleration in the direction of school. Eventually I reach the door of the school, I do my best to muster enough force to move the door and tragically succeed, I have now performed work on the door and in the process doomed myself to be educated. Which is the worst. That is the physics of arriving to school late, and it you're wondering how I have an alarm and I arrive to school late, no I did not make an error in my narrative, I set my alarm knowing I'll be late, I just don't care that i am.
  19. In case anyone was wondering Gym class or physical education as every one of the teachers insists(as if that makes a difference), is among my least favorite things to participate in, it's right down there with self immolation. The physics of dodging any gym class related work is of course fantastic. My first objective in gym class is simply to literally avoid performing work, as in I will attempt to not shift my position in the slightest, I'm for all intensive purposes a statue. Second should I be forced to move my velocity is kept to an absolute minimum, every additional joule of kinetic energy I gain is an additional failure to meet my core gym class principles. Third should in the course of any gym class any sort of ball or puck come to me, in order to avoid having a large system of energy come my way ( a bunch of people who care about gym), I will out of moral obligation supply it a sufficient impulse such that it's momentum is going promptly in the opposite direction of my completely apathetic mass. Fourth should some member of my gym "team" attempt to instruct me to perform work i'll swiftly inform them (in much less polite terms) that their instruction does not apply a sufficient force to overcome the static frictional force that not caring in the slightest has put upon my body. In conclusion I have just presented the physics guide to the perfect gym class this is my greatest gift to humanity cherish it.
  20. So I think i should probably open this by saying that our catapult broke, and by broke i mean careened out of control toward my face. That aside i thoroughly enjoyed building a catapult except for the part where PVC primer spilled all over my driveway. The physics of our catapult was to the say the least interesting. As it was made of PVC it required very little weight in order to create sufficient energy to launch a softball. The way we realized this was by seeing that 20 pounds was more than sufficient to cause the catapult to move with an extreme velocity and then immediately shatter from the stress, because PVC is literally weaker than most sticks. Given how weak our PVC was and how little weight was attached to it you'd think the counterweight in our release mechanism would be rather low, nope it required sixty pounds to hold down along with another 40 pounds stabilizing the frame of the catapult. Apparently PVC just exists to make life miserable. On that train of thought PVC cement should be called PVC disappointment, that useless malarkey withstood like 20 newtons of force and then called it a day. I'm gonna end this by briefly readdressing the catapult that came toward my face, our catapult was designed to function in an ideal environment that wind was so less than ideal so basically i blame the wind entirely for our catapult not going a hundred yards and instead going for my face, nothing else could have sabotaged that, definitely not suspect construction that could only withstand a minimal velocity or weight.
  21. Once again my blogging is relevant to my rampant and life ruining movie addiction. Now I'm going to discuss and by discuss I mean flagrantly criticize the movie Man of Steel and it's bafflingly horrendous physics. I get that you're supposed to suspend disbelief for film but i don't care, harshly judging things feels good. First of all I'd like to address the death of Krypton, in which an entire planet fell apart because they drilled for natural resources, the planet exploded because the inside of it had been emptied of things. Because that is totally how gravity works, when you take out what's beneath an object it explodes upward, like that one time my chair got pulled out from under me and i skyrocketed through the atmosphere oh wait no that's stupid, like the man of steel script. Second Superman's flying is ridiculous, if you try to say he hits escape velocity by jumping that might be plausible because super-strength or whatever but that can be completely ignored by that fact that the man hovers. He literally floats above the ground what work is being done to resist gravity? Is he thinking really hard about disliking it? Also how does he ever accelerate what additional energy can he add to his movement? He has no source of propulsion unless flamboyant capes count. Third Super strength is dumb. I'm really supposed to believe that gravity is that strong on Krypton, How would life evolve? If he can easily throw a car in our gravity, that means that he can produce an unbelievable amount of energy with his muscles, imagine how crushing gravity is on krypton to demand that level of energy production just to create an easy movement, you expect life to grow in that environment? The only way Superman is physically plausible is if Krypton was some sort of gravity hell-scape in which any upward movement would probably result in a violent crash back to the surface. Basically if physics applied to Man Of Steel everything on Krypton would be dead and superman would never save anyone or kill them for that matter given the amount of force he generates he probably kills sooo many things like that entire town he leveled in the movie.
  22. So I watch a rather large amount of movies, you could say too many but then you'd be wrong and rude, don't question how I live my life. Essentially what I've realized in my long and illustrious movie viewing career is that nothing in the history of cinema seems to understand how physics work. What has come to bother me more than anything though is the giant movie monster, recently seen in pacific rim being punched in the face by an equally giant robot, these disturbingly large creatures are not disturbing because of their size but because of the physical implausibility of their existence. When objects grow larger even maintaining the same shape mass grows at an exponential rate so that giant 40 ft tall women is gonna have even larger reasons to be self conscious and of more concern dead. You see as her mass grew at an exponential rate the density of her bones and therefore structural integrity did not. (It'd be akin to building a skyscraper sized building with the wood used in your small shed it's just dumb engineering and physics). So tragically for the giant movie monster woman the force required for her to gain any sort of velocity to move would shatter her bones in what is presumably a painful incident. The force due to gravity itself would probably being crippling, i doubt the standard design of a circulatory system is capable of creating enough force to travel up such a height against gravity. Essentially a giant movie monster would live an incredibly painful and brief life if the standard laws of physics were to ever appear within the world of cinema.
  23. Tragically there comes in point in time in which after an hour or so of working on the same three god awful textbook questions that I get tired of calc and just say screw it, because numbers are dumb and I don't like them. At this point in time what was time spent doing calc homework becomes a study in projectile motion. I stare at book for a minute or two muttering obscenities then slam it shut with a force of let's say 150 newtons, this force rotates the open pages about the spine of the book until it closes and all unused force is then transferred into my desk shaking it violently in a somewhat amusing manner. After this I realize i'm still looking at a calc textbook so it becomes a calc projectile as I pick it up and throw it behind me with a velocity of about 2 m/s in the x direction and .5 m/s in the y direction until it dramatically strikes my bed sending the plethora of laundry laying there flying as a result of the spring compression and expansion of the stricken mattress. After this I've expended any energy gained by my frustration and resolve myself to shoe shopping because why not. That right there is the physics behind my rather overpowering loathing of calc homework.
  24. Sink throwing is awfully impressive especially using fizzics
  25. 1.) I suppose i forget to do work on time a lot so i could have that be an opportunity for improvement. 2.) I'm taking ap physics because i enjoyed the previous course and would like to continue with it. I've also been taking calculus so calculus based physics seemed relevant. 3.) I hope to have a better understanding of the world through physics. 4.)Can't say i get excited about much ever so nothing i guess. 5.) Pretty anxious about all my ap exams, that'll be a delight to get through.
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