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My Introduction


Was my intro cool enough?  

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  1. 1. Was my intro cool enough?

    • awesome?
    • awesomer?
    • not so much?
    • go away if you wanted a negative response lol. i hope i dont get in trouble for amusing myself.

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My names Daniel and I love sports. I don't have the best sense of boundaries so I play football where generally there are the sidelines and I can do whatever makes me happy within them. I've played since I was little and I haven't gotten much taller. I like music, like real music that you can read but I enjoy my 2chainz too. I like fun. I enjoy myself and I'm a nice person. Simple stuff. I want to be a general physician so I'll take the pre-med track in college, probably major in biology or anatomy with an econimcs minor. I'll probably play football in college as well.

I'm taking physics because I'm extremely fascinated with the complexities of life. My favorite questions have always been why and how so it would be a waste of others time if I chose not to find out as much as I can for myself. I'm fascinated by what most call phenomena and I know there is an answer somewhere. Since Physics is generally the study of energy and matter everything that has energy at one time matters and I want to understand at least minutely. I hope to learn how momentum actually works and expand my knowledge of mathematics and generally, physics, this year. If I don't, ITS MR. FULLERTONS FAULT! JK. I don't fully believe in Pedagogy. Andragogical methods are much more effective in my opinion so what he provides I'll do my best to learn. I'm a jock, nerd, quiet kid and loud annoying kid everybody puts up with. BYE.

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