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Guest Toll_Physicist

1.) I am 17 years old, and in my spare time I enjoy programming, listening to music, and just hanging out with my friends. I am a senior this year and I believe that physics is key for many different areas of study when I go to college.

2.) I want to take physics because I aspire to be a hardware engineer. I have already taught myself some basic principles of physics (especially in the area of electricity).

3.) I hope to learn more about the behavior of electricity, but also I hope to learn more principles of physics which explain how machines and mechanisms around us work.

4.) I'm probably most anxious to see how I can apply what we learn in class.

5.) To be a successful student I will strive to complete all my homework on time, and pay attention in class. I will not be afraid to come in on my own time if I feel like I do not understand something that was taught in class, or if I need to better my grade.


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Hiya Toll_Physicist. I bet we can do tons as far as applications of physics to real-world situations, and I'm excited that you've got a head start on basics of electricity... this usually comes into play in late December/early January, and I'd love to leverage your expertise as we dive into electrostatics and circuits!

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