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Guest breezy11

My name is breezy11, many people call me breezy, i play football and lacroasse hear in the highschool. Some things that interest me are are things that help make me succesful such as working out studuying and being a good person all around. After highschool i willl attend a college and work towards my degree while playing a division1 sport.

I am taking regents physics because i feel as though it relates to everything i do within my everyday life. Another reason i am taking it is because i have heard it is a challenge and i am willing to take the challenge.

I hope to learn how physics can help my awarness of things that go on around me that may relate to the class and i would love to explore how it can help me in my hobbies by making me better.

Something that im am most anxious to do this year is try to enjoy every second of this year and soak in all the good moments and make them last.

I feel as though if i make it to class everyday, give my full effort and focus i will be succesfull in all aspects of the class

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