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Guest EntropyFiend

My name is Entropy Fiend, Junior year i had chemistry 1st period everyday, even though it was early in the morning and typically i got less then five hours of sleep the night before, it was my favorite class i took that year. Analyzing, comprehending, and applying new information has always been something i've excelled at. Science is something i personally take an interest in and enjoy learning about, the units the other students loath and cant quite wrap their heads around are often most enjoyable for me. I get a thrill out of being challenged by difficult material and having to try to put all the pieces together. Interesting new studies have shown that an average person is far less likely to remember something if they just jot it down on paper or a computer, thinking that piece of information is something they will always be able to reference. It is for this reason that instead of writing down anything during notes i take the personal responsibility to pay attention to every little thing that goes on during notes, make sense out of any/all new material by thinking intensely, asking questions, and making meaningful making connections in my head, and then devising a unique way to remember all of it for life without needing to write it down even once. Physics is a class i've been exited for since i was a freshman, i have enough science credits already so i'm not even required to take it this year, I chose to do so anyway because the opportunity to gain a wide array of knowledge about the inner workings of everything that is matter and energy was far to enticing to pass up! I greatly look forward to physics this year and am most eager to do the necessary work in order to reach complete mastery of all that is physics! Causing lots of classroom entropy along the way!

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