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Akhalia Brown


PLEASE HELP The charge on an electrons is -1.6x10 to the -19C. How many electrons are passing a given point in an electric circuit each second will give rise to a current of 4.0A?

My answer is:




=-1.6x10^-19x-6.2 divide by 4.0

=2.48x10^-19 or 2.5x10^-19

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First try finding the charge in coulombs, then convert coulombs to electrons.


This mini-tutorial may help: http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/honors/circuits/current.html


So, if you use q=It, solve for q in coulombs.


Then, convert q (in coulombs) to elementary charges, or electrons, using 1 electron = 1.6*10^-19 C.


Does that help?

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