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Video Discussion: Introduction to Acceleration with Prius Brake Slamming Example Problem

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Name: Introduction to Acceleration with Prius Brake Slamming Example Problem

Category: Kinematics

Date Added: 21 May 2014 - 08:52 AM

Submitter: Flipping Physics

Short Description: None Provided

This is an introduction to the concept of acceleration. There is also an example problem showing applying the brakes while driving a car in order to avoid hitting a basketball. Also included are common mistakes students make while solving a simple problem like this. It is important to see what those mistakes are because it helps students avoid them in the future.

Content Times:

0:19 The Equation for Acceleration

1:06 The Dimensions for Acceleration

2:18 Acceleration has both Magnitude and Direction

3:00 Reading the Problem

3:15 Video of the Problem

4:29 Translating the Problem to Physics

5:03 Starting to solve the Problem (with mistakes)

5:37 Explaining two mistakes

7:34 Explaining another mistake

10:00 Outtakes (including a basketball dribbling montage)

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