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Hello all, my name's Amy and I'm a junior. I like to run what some consider an unhealthy amount - I'm on the cross country, indoor track, and track&field teams. I also play viola for the philharmonic orchestra at school, and I recently started a job at the nearby library. I'm totally obsessed with Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, so apologies if I start rambling!


I'm taking this class because I'm interested in how things in our world interact with each other - like, why some things move faster through the air than others - as well as the crazy mess of theoretical physics, since I'm sure my vague knowledge from watching cheesy old sci-fi movies barely scrapes the surface.

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Good Morning Amy.  I read the first couple books in the Game of Thrones series some years back, but it's one of the few fantasy series I gave up just because it got so depressing with everybody assuming room temperature.  This past summer as I was recuperating from shoulder surgery I started watching past seasons of the HBO show, though, and I enjoyed it again (though it's still depressing).  If I ever get caught up I want to go back and re-read the series and see if I enjoy it more this time.  And other favorite books/series?


Make it a great day!

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