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I'm writing a paragraph for physics class so hello! I'm Cara and I like to read and be with friends/family. I also enjoy food thats yummy like spaghetti and pizza. I'm not really sure what else to say so I hope you're having a swell day...


I'm taking physics this year because it looks much better to have four years of science and if I had a free period instead, I'd probably nap. Which sounds nice right now.. Anyway, I hope to learn cool stuff about how the world works and how physics takes a part in our everyday lives.



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Good Evening, Cara, and thrilled to have you as a member of the APlusPhysics community!  What types of books do you enjoy?  Do you also cook spaghetti and pizza?  One of the favorite dinner nights at our house is when we make our own pizzas and I grill them out back.  Good stuff.  But, anyhow, that nap is sounding good, so good night!

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