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Arabian Knights

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 Team Name: Arabian Knights

Members: Kate, Sarah, TJ


Starting Funds: $200,000


Notes: Arabian Knights is the brainchild of equestrian breeder and animal magnate Kate, who made her fortune by purchasing a very small town in upstate New York, renaming it Arabian, breeding horses, and selling her “authentic, genuine Arabian horses” for exorbitant sums.  Following a 60 Minutes documentary coupled with an IRS investigation, Huppe became extremely motivated to master space travel.


Coupled with her high school friend Rossi, who manages the day-to-day operations of the firm, and “acquisitions” expert Papaleo, for whom the term “purple-collar-crime” was recently coined, Arabian Knights has a strong motivation to safely travel as far from the known planets as possible.


Due to Arabian Knights’ current legal standing, the corporation does not receive any fines or governmental oversight of launches.  However, government cooperation with the firm is minimal, so they are not able to recycle or recover any launch components, and must pay a 30% “black market” fee to obtain all equipment.

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Recommended settings on school computers: 

  • Terrain Detail - Default
    • Turn off Terrain Scatters
  • Scatter Density - 50%
  • Render Quality - Simple
  • Texture Quality - Half Res
  • Aerodynamic FX Quality - Normal
  • Edge Highlighting - Off
  • Surface FX - Off
  • Underwater FX - Off
  • Screen Resolution - 1440x900
  • Full Screen On
  • Anti-Aliasian - Off
  • V-Sync - Don't Sync
  • Frame Limit - 60 FPS
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Team Name: Arabian Knights

Available Funds: 184,782.80

Vehicle Name: Arabian I

Vehicle Parts List and Cost:

Mk1 Command Pod

Mk16 Parachute

FL-T 400 Fuel Tank (4)

LV- 909 "Temer"

LV- T30

TR-18A decoupler (2)

Total Cost: 6,905.60


Design Goals: Get off of Kerbin and into Orbit

Launch Goal: Stable Manned Orbit

Pilot Plan: To launch rocket and get into orbit by turning at 45 degrees around 10,000m. Then at 50,000m establish a path to orbit. At 100,000m turn 90 degrees and fire engines to get into orbit. Return safely.



Launch Time: 5/19/16 10:48am

Team Members Present: TJ Paps, Srossi, Khoops

Play-by-Play: The engines fired and off Valentina went. Slowly. Our rocket was very heavy. Note that we launched in the middle of Kerbin's night so the only light we could see was that of the runway and the engine burning. It was quite the sight. We continued our ascent until 10km where we turned to 45degrees. After the first engine ran out of fuel (occurred around 30km) we started the next engine to keep us going to try to achieve orbit. During this time we realized orbit would not be possible so we changed our goal to achieve 50km and return Valentina safely. Once we passed the 50km mark, we shut off and dropped our engine after checking the map to make sure orbit was not possible (It wasn't... tears). Our pod then began the descent back to Kerbin. The parachute was deployed at 3000m and Valentina dropped safely into an ocean on Kerbin telling us that she enjoyed the flight immensely.

Summary: Launch! Rocket brings us to 50km and we run out of fuel. We then return to Kerbin safely.

Opportunities / Learnings: Sometimes, even if your original plan fails, you can still accomplish something great!

Strategies / Project Timeline: Take into account changes in design will also effect flight.

Milestone Awards Presented:

  • 50km reached and achieved

Available Funds: 187,877.20

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Team Name: Arabian Knights

Available Funds: 200,000

Vehicle Name: Explorer I

Vehicle Parts List and Cost:

MK1 Command Pod

MK16 Parachute

RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster

Total Cost: $1848.60

Design Goals: A Functional rocket for our goals

Launch Goal: Launch to 10,000m

Pilot Plan: Guide rocket to 10,000m and return to Kerbin safely


Launch Time: Around May 16, 2016 between the time of 10:25 and 11:05

Team Members Present: TJ Paps, Srossi, Khoops

Play-by-Play:  As the engines fired, and Jebediah left the surface we learned what the difference between solid and liquid fuel. As we watched the rocket continue up without anyway of slowing it down, we waited until all the fuel was used to try to return Jebediah safely home. Unfortunately this was not possible because we were not able to drop the fuel tank. The command pod exploded when it hit the ground and consequently, so was Jebediah.  We mourn his loss.

Summary: Launch! Then we realized we had messed up drastically. Jebediah dies. A song is written in his memory. Lyrics are included below.


Jebediah you were so great,

but now our design flaws

have taken you away!

The pod went up so high,

but the parachute would not deploy

so you crashed and burned and left us all alone

Opportunities / Learnings: You need a decoupler so you can drop the solid fuel because it will explode upon impact if not gotten rid of.

Strategies / Project Timeline: Next rocket launch, we will need a decoupler

Milestone Awards Presented:

  • No Award Presented

Available Funds: 197,151.40

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