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Kerbal Launch #1 Pre-Flight

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Team Name: Plarkton Industries

Available Funds: $30,000

Vehicle Name: Jupiter Mia

Vehicle Parts List and Cost: 

-       4 nose cones $240 each,

-       Mark I capsule $600

-       Parachute $422

-       Decoupler $400

-       4 Radial Decoupler $600 each

-       RCS Fuel Tank $600

-       4 RCS Thruster Blocks $620 each

-       2 Thumper Solid Fuel Boosters $850 each

-       3 Liquid Fuel Tanks $800 each, half off so $400 each

-       2 external fuel ducts $150 each

-       4 AV-T1 Winglets $500 each

-       Swivel Liquid Fuel Engine $1200

-       2 “Terrier” Liquid Fuel Engine $390 each

-       Heat Shield $300

Total: $15,342

Remaining Funds: $14,658


Design Goals: We are trying to get this rocket to orbit Kerbin. We are trying to create a rocket with a lot of stability to keep the Kerbals safe.


Launch Goal: We are hoping to launch a manned rocket all the way into orbit. We would be expecting to achieve launch to 10 km - $10,000, manned launch to 10 km - $20,000, manned launch to 50 km - $30,000, achieving stable orbit - $40,000, and achieving stable manned orbit - $50,000


Pilot Plan: Initially, we will be trying to gain altitude and velocity, and will eventually turn east. We hope to gain a parabolic arch path. At the top of the arch, we will accelerate to the horizon and this should put us into orbit.

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