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Net Force Exerted Pressure

Guest AnimeFanatic


Guest AnimeFanatic

I am honestly stuck on all things Physics and help would be great.

In working out his principles, Pascal showed dramatically how force ben be multiplied by pressure. With knowing this below can anyone assist on how to start this off?

Radius of thin tube-.30 cm

Radius of barrel- 21 cm

Height of water that filled in the tube- 12 m

the barrel bursts afterwards.

It asks to calculate the mass of the water in the tube


to calculate the net force exerted by the water in the barrel on the lid just before rupturing.

Any thoughts on at least how to start this off? I have no clue on how to start this off and my understanding is weak.

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I would find the area of each side (the thin tube and the barrel) using Pi*r^2.

Then, you know that the pressures must be equal, so the F1/A1 = F2/A2. Solve for F1 by finding the mass of the water in the tube (volume * density), then its weight (mg), and that's the F1. From there, you should be able to calculate F2. For further details, I'd refer you to Honors Physics Essentials, p. 181-183. Good luck!

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