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  1. Hi Gio. APlusPhysics is just a single person, me, so that's pretty easy to answer. They are on my to-do list, but are at best a month or two away. Note that most of this material is covered to at least some depth in the "Honors" physics video series. Hope that helps! -Dan
  2. Spent TONS of times in clean rooms, most of which at a cleanliness level thousands of times cleaner than surgical suites. There is a TON of money and engineering spent on creating cleanrooms -- fantastic career opportunities!
  3. And since it's about baby squats... gotta start 'em young!
  4. @SJamison is fierce on the ice!
  5. That does NOT look pleasant...
  6. Wow.... now that had to be embarrassing.
  7. It's all about conservation of energy!
  8. Then they become your former friend?
  9. You are on quite the roll here...
  10. Nice outfits! This will be our unit review video next week!
  11. From the AP Physics 1 Essentials book... a tricky question. For B, because you're passing through the zero point, you find the energy going from 3 m/s to 0 m/s, and then the energy going from 0 m/s to -3 m/s, and add them. Same idea with D. It requires you to think past the standard definition and understand what sort of work must be done to accomplish the feat.
  12. You could even calculate the moment of inertia depending on load size!
  13. Well done -- all sorts of physics in swimming!
  14. This is exactly my agenda with my little girls tomorrow... rake leaves, watch them jump in them. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  15. Cool concept, but the game itself isn't tremendously interesting -- seems like a ton of potential that wasn't executed well.