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  1. you probably always woundered how we could see out of our eyes. At least EYE always have..... of course there has to be some sort of physics to it right? well of course there is and refraction is there to prove it. Refraction is the phenomenon which makes image formation possible by the eye as well as by cameras and other systems of lenses. Most of that refraction in the eye takes place at the first surface, since the transition from the air into the cornea is the largest change in index of refraction which the light experiences. About 80% of the refraction occurs in the cornea and about 20% in the inner crystalline lens. While the inner lens is the smaller portion of the refraction, it is the total source of the ability to accommodate the focus of the eye for the viewing of close objects. For the normal eye, the inner lens can change the total focal length of the eye by 7-8%. Common eye defects are often called refractive errors and they can usually be corrected by relatively simple compensating lenses. Light that passes through the pupil opening, will enter the crystalline lens. The crystalline lens is made of layers of a fibrous material that has an index of refraction of roughly 1.40. Unlike the lens on a camera, the lens of the eye is able to change its shape and thus serves to fine-tune the vision process. The lens is attached to the ciliary muscles. These muscles relax and contract in order to change the shape of the lens. By carefully adjusting the lenses shape, the ciliary muscles assist the eye in the critical task of producing an image on the back of the eyeball.
  2. so basically what you are saying is that there could be a universe inside a universe that in actuality is in another universe?
  3. The Flash is obviously a perfect example for the analysis of superheroes and the physics of their abilities. Let’s begin with a further look into his “super-speed” power. Super speed is essentially the speed of light. According to E=mc2 nothing can travel the speed of light except for light itself because as an object moves toward the speed of light the objects mass and the energy needed go towards infinity. Therefore, The Flash could not move at “super-speed”. Space shuttles when entering back into earths atmosphere are going about 8,000 m/s, nothing compared to the speed of light. But you have to realize that even at these speeds flash would have to be able to withstand 40,000 times 1650 c. Flash's suit is said to have an aura around it that protect him from these scenarios. But the truth of the matter is the technology isn there yet for someone to be able to survive such extreme conditions. The thing about flash's power actually being the speed of like and not super speed is that it violats many laws of physics, or does it? according to quantum physics an electron can be at two places at once for a very short amount of time, is that what might be making flash appear in a different area so fast? maybe you are seeing flash being in a different place in a frequent line of motion? I probably sound like an idiot trying to explain what im thinkin right now cause it probably sounds really stupid but in physics there really is endless possibilities to explain things.
  4. its hard to wait for something so awsome.
  5. We've all seen in it the movies and have thought to ourselves how cool it would be to travel through space, am I right? well scientist have debunked that stating it is impossible to actually do that because if we wanted to comeback home, everyone would be gone do to the fact we jumpee thousands of years in the future. BUT if there is a will there is a way, new scientific evidence have found that is is actually possible to have warp drive like you have scene in the Star Trek movies. A warp drive would manipulate space-time itself to move a starship, taking advantage of a loophole in the laws of physics that prevent anything from moving faster than light. A mexican physicist suggested the idea in 1994 but with al the calculations they realized it would need an emmense amount of enegry to power it. Everything in space is restricted by the speed of light, that is why a space ship would need to have a similar structure like the one in Star Trek. Scientist say that If we're ever going to become a true spacefaring civilization, we're going to have to think outside the box a little bit, we're going to have to be a little bit audacious. For some people it is very easy to think outside the box, if they can do it in the movies why cant we? Scroll down and watch the video that is on this page. http://www.space.com/17628-warp-drive-possible-interstellar-spaceflight.html
  6. I am Patrick and I am a Senior this year, I like to workout and hang out with friends. I currently work with my for my dad and may one day take over the family business. I want to go to college to study business or somehting interesting and also join the military. I want to take physics because it is an interesting and cool class. This year I hope to learn more about space and what its all about because it seems very interesting.

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