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The Physics of Kicking a Cat



As most people know, I can't stand cats, and constantly joke about kicking them. So, I thought it would be appropriate if I did a blog post on it!!

I am by far not athletic, so top speed I could probably kick a soccer ball at 15 m/s or 33.354 mi/hr (This is the average low for kids 11-17 <_< ). I also don't kick at much of an angle, but for this we'll say 20 degrees.

So here's the math:

y- component:

height: ?

acceleration: 9.8

velocity initial: 15sin20= 5.13

velocity final: 0


vf= vo + at

0= 5.13 + -9.8t

5.13= 9.8t

t= .5235 --> Total Time: 1.047 seconds

Y= vot + .5at2

Y= 5.13(.5235) + .5(9.8)(.5235)2

Y= 2.686+ 1.343

Y= 4.028 meters --> 13.22 feet


velocity: 15cos20= 14.10

time: 1.047

distance: ?

x= vt

x= 14.1(1.047)

x= 14.758 meters --> 48.42 feet

DANG! That's far. Now I wanna try this. Anyone got a cat I can borrow?


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Very violent, but I have learned that cats end up at the wrong end of many physics demonstrations by now...I wonder why cats and not any other animals?

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Hahaha well played Mr. Fullerton.  But this is pretty interesting!  I don't have a cat, but you can borrow one of my younger siblings I guess...

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