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The Physics of Life



As my second to last blog post ever (for a grade, you can't get rid of me that easy!!!), I thought I should simply talk about how physics is in everything we do. so Here are some summer activity examples most people would not think of:

  • Playing on the playground (teeter totter, slides, swings, etc)
  • Computers/ video games
  • Cell Phones
  • Flying a kite
  • Water gun wars
  • Swimming
  • Driving
  • Packaging for college (Force required to pull/carry it, increasing mass)
  • Baking/ throwing cupcakes
  • Sports (Baseball, football, soccer... btw you have to be playing not watching sports)
  • Shopping (carrying shopping bags, the production of the clothes)
  • Sleeping (See The Physics of Sleeping)

And there is so much more! So as we all enjoy our last summer before we all go to college, think about how physics is used in everything that we do.


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