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The Physics of Senior Year



So senior year has finally come to an end and we all are saying goodbye. So I thought I would discuss the physics of senior year. The year has had so much physics enwrapped in it, in and outside the classroom. We got to use physics in physics c (duh), calculus, and technology for those who take these classes. With a basic understanding of physics, these classes became easier to learn and master.

Outside the classroom, physics was used by every athlete in the school in some shape or form from lacrosse involving torque, to hockey with rotational motion. But there is so much more. Physics was used every time the students went up and down the stairs, or when we used the computers or cell phones (which of course none of us would ever do). There's when we go to the nurses office and they use the thermometer, or when we do our locker combinations to get our stuff.

Physics can even be applied to our work effort. the more energy that we used throughout the year, the less potential energy we had to use. Hence, the moment APs were over, almost the entire class stopped working, using at times only the most minimal of effort.

Finally, there was the excitement factor. Like with electromagnetism, the closer we got to the end of the year, the more energetic we got, buzzing with excitement for graduation.

On that note, I would like to say good luck to everyone in their future, whether that be in college or high school or whatever it is you do, and to continue with physics and stay nerdy!!!

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