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It's rather crazy to be writing my last ever physics C blog post... I feel as though this day has always seemed so far away.

Now that I'm all reminiscent and whatnot, what better to blog about than a reflection on the course?

First and foremost, it was hard. At least for me. I felt as though all year I was struggling to grasp everything that everyone seemed to get so easily and had to fight ten times harder to get to the same point. The course frustrated me countless times, and I've never done so poorly on so many exams before in my life.

With that in mind, I have absolutely no regrets. Despite poor exams, I learned so much in this class. From how to deal with frustration, to how to develop better studying habits and techniques. I have a far better understanding of what does and doesn't work for me to do well, and taking Physics C has made me feel more ready for college than any other class I've taken, hands down.

What's more, that class constantly has me thinking about physics. ALL the time. In all honesty, everything can be related to physics, it's just a matter of whether or not you take the time to notice it.

I wish I had tried just a little bit harder sometimes, and done better on my tests, but I'm happy with all that I've learned both about physics and myself. Shout out to the fantastic teacher, Mr. Fullerton. I couldn't have done it without you!


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"I've never done so poorly on so many exams before in my life."


I totally agree with you! This course and calc were doozies in terms of exams. Cheers to conquering them both! Happy summer!

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Yea i agree!  this was a challenging class but very rewarding in developing good habits and showing what habits we need to fix/break

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