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Physics of GTA



There's a franchise of games called Grand Theft Auto and they're currently on the 7th installment of the game, called Grand Theft Auto V (5). GTAV is only 5 and not 7 because they made Vice City and San Andreas. In this series of games there are premade cheat codes that grant you all sorts of powers and what not. In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there is a cheat code for a jetpack and for that time it was incredible to see and use. (in case you were wondering the cheat code for Xbox original is LEFT, RIGHT, L TRIGGER, WHITE, R TRIGGER, BLACK, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) The jetpack just worked by applying a force downward projecting you upward, and forces forwards and backwards for the same affect. The jetpack is cool because if you arent going one way, then you are falling by 9.81 m/s^2, according to physics (i dont know if you do but if the game was good, you would. Even though it's 2 gens ago but it should hold its own). This isn't very shocking and groundbreaking, but in GTAV, there is a cheatcode to skydive.

I will discuss this for my next blog post so be sure to tune in to see the full story! :-)

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