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  1. I support the research and advancement in particle physics, it can be used for plenty of good in society. It can be used in medicine because the particle accelerators can now be used to treat and diagnose patients all over the world. This has many benefits to society and has helped millions of people. It can also be used to protect the nation in homeland security. It can be used to scan cargo and monitor nuclear waste which can really help society. Particle collider research can be very beneficial and should be researched and funded.
  2. It's like 10:30 at night and I am so tired and don't want to do this. But since I only have one left (I think) and it's very trivial if I want to pass, I will do it. The only problem is, I don't know what to write about. I could write about how we were wearing power rangers t-shirts. You wore one but so did I, a different color. And so was Moey, and his brother. I have already talked about everything that I do. All I ever do is play hockey and video games because I'm lame, so lets see what else there is. Let's talk about circular motion. I have this friend of mine who can be a really good d
  3. If you couldn't tell by now, I really like to talk about the force of gravity (9.81 m/s^2). Well in GTAV it becomes very relevant because there is a cheatcode called 'skydive' and this cheatcode is exactly how it sounds. Unlike Hannah, I actually have been skydiving; just not in real life. When you activate the cheat code you are put into a loading screen and launched like 100 miles in the air (160934 meters). When you start playing your velocity is already very high, but if you were to find that out, you could calculate the final speed before you, you know, splat. Or you could calculate how h
  4. There's a franchise of games called Grand Theft Auto and they're currently on the 7th installment of the game, called Grand Theft Auto V (5). GTAV is only 5 and not 7 because they made Vice City and San Andreas. In this series of games there are premade cheat codes that grant you all sorts of powers and what not. In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there is a cheat code for a jetpack and for that time it was incredible to see and use. (in case you were wondering the cheat code for Xbox original is LEFT, RIGHT, L TRIGGER, WHITE, R TRIGGER, BLACK, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) The jetpack just worked by ap
  5. There's nothing better than popping one in over the shoulder of the bum goalie top shelf right where momma hides the cookies. When playing hockey it's a lot of moving and hitting the puck (or ball if you're flee like my boys) and forces are applied everywhere. On ice there's a lot of physics involved, a lot more than in a parking lot. When lining up a mean slapper you have to time it properly if she's a nice one timer. When your boy Brad Richards is applying all sorts of forces to set you up, you have to apply an impulse to the puck to put her up bar down. An impulse is force over time so i
  6. idk if you could call it pizza so much as cardboard #drillin
  7. why would you just go on the internet and lie about such a thing? smh
  8. hen im on the mou, (short for mountains) there's nothing better than whippin the gnar gnar dud. Snowboarding is all about gravity. When i'm glazing through the fresh powd i'm always accelerating at 9.81 m/s^2. (tbh that's all the physics i know hold on let me try to finish this.) All of the times that i've been snoarding (short for snowboarding, you wouldn't know) I would rather go on the steepest slope. But will I accelerate faster on the steep slope or the bunny (bobby) slope? Lol if you thought the steeper one youre wrong because i'd be accelerating at 9.81 m/s^2 on either slope. And wh
  9. Should've bought an Xbox One then you can lift as much as you want like me and get big ike me
  11. Chewy often likes to play tug-of-war but this game is a 2 part activity. After I get the rope from his mouth (because I can apply so much force due to my huge arms) I then have to throw the rope or else Chewy yells at me. In this case, I have to apply force to the rope and it then becomes a projectile. Say I threw the rope very lightly but due to my ginormous arms it reaches a speed of 342 m/s (bad throw for me) and it goes a measly 500 meters (again, bad throw), I would be able to calculate how long it was in the air and it's final velocity using different formulas and the knowledge that gra
  12. DelaneyBest

    The Race

    Nice, you must be quick!
  13. Ouch! Bad choice on your sisters part! That must have hurt! (Sorry, I don't know her name!)
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