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My Circuit Workout



We have recently studied the concept of circuits. there are parallel and series cicuits. In the parallel circuit in one of the circuts breaks then the circuit continues to work fully. However, in a series circuit, if one part of the circuit breaks the whole things stops. Well, in the beginning of march we had our morning sessions for lacrosse. Some days we would do circuit workouts. We had 6 different stations and with in our groups we had to all do the different work outs together and try to motivate eachother. I belive in this team situations we are a series circuit. This is becasue, we are only as strong as our weakest link. In the circuits, we all have to work our hardest for the one minute we are doing that one exercise. But, we all have to stay strong becasue the moment one of us starts to complain or gives up, we all fall apart and loose sight of the ultimate goal. We all have to work together and stay strong just like a series circut if we want to win. Becasue if not, we do not have the sucess we want!

Go Lady Eagles Lax :D

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