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Hannah's Voice of an Angel



For those you that don't know, Hannah O'Neil has an amazing singing voice. Before every home game, she sings the national anthem, and it makes me so happy and gets me ready to play. Because of sounds waves, I am lucky enough to hear her. Sound waves are mechanical waves that are detected by the hairs in our inner ears. Sound waves can travel through air, water, steel and wood. But I like when Hannah is standing directly near me singing to me. However, if I am not lucky enough to have her standing right next to me, I can still hear her from a distance apart even if I cant see her. Therefore, we can use the equation, v= distance/ time to determine how far away Hannah is from me. In STP, sound moves at 331m/s and if it takes me .25 second to hear her voice from the moment she begins singing, I can determine how far away from me she is from me. By rearranging the equation to, distance = velocity X time, (331m/s)(.25s) Hannah is about 83 meters from me. Although not an ideal situation, but her beautiful voice allows me to hear her even when far away!


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