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    Ah yes, my favorite type of waves. Wi-Fi. Its a beautiful thing, these modulated electromagnetic waves allow you to stream movies and gain access to the internet with out being plugged in. Once only a coffee shop novelty, it can now be found in every house across the country. But how does it work? Wi-Fi can cover as much as an entire school, or building, depending on the frequency of course. Wi-Fi is a type of wave that can penetrate walls and ceilings, as well as cross rivers and high traffic areas. The Wi-Fi signal is composed of large numbers of different frequencies in order to reject noise in any of them. Also certain materials can make it harder for wi-fi to travel, and also other waves (this is the reason for channel settings) can interfere with Wi-fi too.
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    The Ocean

    Any body of water has the capability to produce waves, from a disturbance to standing waves. If you drop a pebble in the water then it will create a wave around it from the point where it dropped. This wave is caused by a force, and the more force something has, then the higher (amplitude) the wave will be. A standing wave can be seen when the water is "wavy" or "rough." The reason the waves don't just disappear after the hit the shore is because waves "bounce" off of the shore. After it bounces it changes direction. When two waves are going in the opposite directions but have the same [amplitude] then this causes a standing wave.
  3. Ever wonder how you can hear someone's conversations without being seen? It can be a um.. wonderful thing for some people. Eavesdropping makes use of the fact that sound can diffract or bend as it travels through walls, or doors. Light waves, however, cannot bend in this matter, this way you can hear sound from around the corner without being seen. Sound is also measured in decibels, and the closer you are the more decibels you can get, which includes more physics. You can use physics to determine how close you should get for the minimum amount of decibels for a person can hear, but you might want to hear a few extra decibels to make sure you get every detail.
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    Believe it or not, when you go to the nearest park and hop on one of those swings and force your best friend to push you as high as you can, this is actually related to physics. The motion a swing makes is a wave, the force used can change the amplitude, or how high you go. But no matter how much force is used to push a swing, you cannot go faster or slower unless you change the length of the rope on the swing. Speed is equal to distance over time, meaning the greater the distance traveled in a small amount of time means the faster you go. In terms of a wave, force has no effect on the velocity. I hope you enjoyed the playground while you could, because when you know physics is involved it makes it harder to focus on the fun.
  5. When a car or Ambulance drives by, you'll notice that the pitch changes. As the car is closest to you the pitch will be highest. why? This is because the frequency of the mechanical, longitudinal sound wave is at its highest point when closest to you. This also means that it has the most amount of Hertz when its closest. If you are asked a question about amount of Hertz when a car moving at constant speed is a certain distance from you, then closest to you, with the given being the amount of Hertz at the further distance, then what is the amount of hertz when it is closest to you? The answer is greater than the amount of hertz of the distance further away.
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    The higher you are from the ground the more potentional energy you have, the faster you're falling the more kinetic energy you have, but add it up and youll always have the same amount of internal energy. This is pretty much a basic concept of gymnastics. When practicing, the higher the beam is the more potential energy you have, but this also means the harder the fall or the better the dismount when transfered to kinetic energy. Or you could have the beam lower and have less potential energy, the less the fall will hurt but the more difficult the dismount. Youll hope that if the beam is low youll have more power because you have less time to do what you need to do before your feet (or other body part not of choice) hits the ground.
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    Gymnastics is all about power, how much you can do in a certain about of time, and how well it is done. The difference between doing a few standing back-hand-springs vs doing them in a row connected. Connected passes are alot quicker then single skills. Why? They require more power, even though it may be the same amount of work. The stronger you are the more power you have, thats why gymnast do more conditioning than actual gymnastics. Its either you do it right or not at all. Turning on beam has the same conceipt, you could do 4 half turns or 1 double turn. The same amount of work, but the judges want to see the double turn because it proves to be more power. If you can do three seperate fulls, thats irrelevant to doing a triple full. Same amount of work but the judges are more interested in the power; who has the most, who has the best, and who can control it.
  8. During the event vault, you run as fas as you can and hurdle onto a spring board and up onto a vaulting table. You want to hit the board as fast as you can in order to get as much height as possible. There are all types of spring bords with different types of springs, depending on the level. Some spring boards are very bouncy and have multiple springs in them, while others have very stiff springs that you can change the amount of springs in them. Also the floors have springs underneath them, these are calling spring floors, they dont help much for the inital tumble but they help lessen the impact on the gymnasts' joints. Tumbling on a spring floor is very differernt than tumbling on grass, you also get more of a rebound when tumbling on a spring floor which can help in connecting skills. A proper spring floor is built in waves, so the gymnast lands closest to the springs, when a spring floor is old or weak it develops dead spots and breaks the tumbling pattern and can ruin the pass.
  9. Giants are the skill of being able to cast into a full circle around the bar, and to be able to continue this motion consistantly. Giants are a basic skill in gymnastics usally learned in level seven. There is alot of physics involved in giants including friction, gravity, and work. Giants are easier on strap bar because there is no friction slowing you down and you dont have to worry about flying off the bar. If you were to release the bar you would fly off in a tangent to where you let go and the direction you were going. Timing is everything because you need to know when to release the bar to land where you want or for release skills. The circular motion is accelerating to the center, you really feel this and understand it. You can either use gravity to your benefit or to your disadvantage; when "falling" down you use this time to accelerate so you have enough motion to get back to the top, so you can continue rotating.
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    Floor is an event in which you are tested on your tumbling skills and dance skills. Tumbling has alot to do with physics, and the teamwork between one and gravity. First one runs to gain speed, at the same time acceleration increases. Most tumbling passes begin with a round off, a round-off helps to gain speed, height, and force, along with changing the direction in which your body is facing in order to do a backwards tumbling pass. If one were to do a round-off backhand spring connacted to a full then the backhandspring would be used to gain more acceleration. If tumbling properly then after each trick you should have more monentum than the last. You use speed to increase the amount of force something has, the more force something has then the higher and further you can go, and the better and more advanced the trick can be.
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    Using balence and skill to do tricks on a four inch elevated beam, this has alot to do with physics, from mount to dismount. Gymnastics is a fight agaisnt gravity, and beam is really the true test of this, for if you fall its a long way down with a hard object most likely to get in your way. Its important to be aware of the physics to maximize your chances of sucess. On beam theres alot of jumping and landing, hopefully at the perfect angle with the perfect amount of force therefore you dont fall off even after youve finished the trick due to too much force with no where to go but down and off. During a backhandspring on beam you want to leave the beam at a perfect angle so you can get both distance and height, but not too much. Your distance should be about the same as how all you are, your height should be a little less than how tall you are. Before doing this you must think about what angle you want to lean at and what angle you want your feet to leave the beam at. You also need to think about how much force you want to use, too little and youre hands will be on the beam to long, to much and once you land you risk not being able to control it.
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    Running at full force into a stationary object just to hurl yourself off and get the mostheigh possible? Sounds fun right? Well physics makes this possible. By the time you get to the vaulting table you want to be at the highest speed possible and get the perfect angle so you can get as high as possible and stick the landing, but you also want to get far enough so you dont risk hitting the table. The further you run from then the more you can accelerate to your fastest speed untill your speed remains constant, which around this time you would hope to be in front of the spring board. You also have to take in consideration the height of the table that way your hands hit the table at the perfect time from the perfect height in that way your body in-line for you to makw the best possible landing. Vaulting is basically turning yourself into a controlled human projectile.
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    Gymnastics is a sport consisted of four different events, each of which test a different element of ones physical ablities and skill, including stregnth, flexibility, endurance, skill, and form. Uneven bars is an event in which physics is involed. Acceleration and gravity effect how you swing and how high you can get you get on bars. For example, in order to do a giant you have to be able to use gravity to gain acceleration and go around the bar along with your form. In order to work on bars you must accomadate for gravity and use it to your best ability. You learn to project yourself and work agaisnt it to get the best result possible.
  14. Hi, my name is faith and I just started taking regents physics. I have a commitment to a gymnastics team and practices can range from 8 to 30 hours a week, not including meets. My other interest include hanging out with friends and taking care of my fishies I am taking physics because it was the next step after chemistry, and also It sounds like the most fun. I really did not enjoy chem so im hoping this will be better. I hope to learn all sorts of interesting stuff this year, and even the math seems fun!
  15. The labs and stuff seem like theyre gonna be a lot of fun!
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