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    Batting Cages

    I remember being brought to the batting cages a couple times over the summer when I was younger. Not being interested in baseball at all, and still not being that interested, it was still a fun experience. In a batting cage, it's yourself, a bat, and this machine which shoots baseballs. The entire purpose is for you to try and hit the baseball, and there's net surrounding you so the baseball doesn't escape once you've hit it. So at a batting cage, there's a bunch of physics, such as how the baseball will travel towards you at a certain velocity, and then you'll swing the bat at a certain veloc
  2. ASayasone


    Over the Summer I worked at Seabreeze as a rides operator. Being a rides operator means that I have to push buttons, deal with kids, parents, and hot weather. But there was also a lot of physics seen around the entire park, for example, there was always kids running around. Small children are quick, but most of the time it's the ones who aren't so great at keeping their balance that end up getting some help from gravity and fall straight forward. As for me, I was only allowed to operate the kiddie rides, being under 18, and one ride in particular was the Bear Trax, a kiddie roller coaster whic
  3. ASayasone


    Playing paintball is fun, although it's painful and leaves you with a bunch of bruises, there's also a lot of physics seen in the activity. If you've ever gone, you probably was put into an area with a bunch of other people, hopefully armored and protected with masks so you don't get accidentally shot in the face because the paint balls are moving at fast velocities once shot from the paintball gun with the help of a CO2 tank. The way the paintball gun works is, the tank filled with CO2 will apply pressure on the paintball, once the triggers pulled, it releases the paintball sending it towards
  4. ASayasone

    Ice Skating

    Around Winter, and especially when it's near the holiday's, I'll want to do some winter activities such as ice skating or sledding. But I had gone ice skating over the 2 week break with a couple of friends, and it was pretty amusing seeing a bunch of teenagers get "out-skated" by some children who were half our age. But during the time we had skated, we all had different velocities, some of us had large velocities, others had small. And when it comes to skating, if you've never gone before, there's going to be a little difficulty due to the fact that your ice skates and when it comes in contac
  5. ASayasone

    Hockey Game

    Since I was taught that Physics can be related to everything, I thought I'd relate it to the hockey game I watched at R.I.T. Regarding the physics in hockey, the hockey players skated on ice, and as they're skating, there's very little friction between the ice and the hockey skates. That's a positive due to the fact that they're able to move so quickly in order to get around their opponents. But when they're moving so quickly, it's also a negative because there's walls which surround the skate rink to separate the audience and players, and sometimes the players will crash into it. And if they
  6. When I was a kid, I went crazy whenever I heard about ice cream. It was my favorite thing in the world, any flavor, it didn't matter. It was a hot day and I was bike riding with some of my family members. I started at an initial velocity of zero and it would increase as I started to pedal, my distance also increasing as we rode around the neighborhood. But then I heard a delightful little jingle and my little self had recognized that it was the ice cream truck. Once I had heard that sound, I accelerated and my velocity had shot up significantly because I was trying to catch up with it. The phy
  7. ASayasone

    Rock climbing

    Gym class means that at one point, depending on who your teacher is and what units they're teaching, you're probably going to have to climb the rock wall located in the field house. You look at it and it doesn't look too bad, telling yourself that you can reach the top and it won't be a big deal. But first, in order to get to the field house, there's going to be some Physics involved. Depending on your velocity, that will vary how long it takes you to get to the field house: the faster you walk, the less time you'll take to get there, and that means the more time you'll get during class to cli
  8. Everyone gets hungry. I had a friend over, and we needed something to eat because we're only human. Not in the mood to spend time making a full out dinner, we decided to make a box of macaroni. But, before we could even get the pasta into the boiling water, my friend had accidentally knocked over the box, and all of the pasta had fallen onto the ground. The physics in this is that the pasta had fallen at an acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 down. Obviously there was more than one piece of pasta, but when they all fall out of the box, they did all fall from the counter down to the ground, falling the
  9. So one time I was watching a movie, and in the movie there was this little rat that was controlling this man who was making food. The physics in that is, the rat is applying a force on the man, tugging on his hair in order to control his arm movements. Both have gravity pulling them down so the man is standing on the ground, and the rat is standing on top of the man's head. Also the rat standing on the man's head would've applied another force as well. As the movie continued, it would be seen how Linguini (the man) is rollerblading around the restaurant in order to serve the food. The physi
  10. Free food is the best kind of food, Natalie
  11. A few of my interests are taking pictures of scenery or something totally different like baking. I'm interested in photography because a picture can be of anything. As for baking, it's just fun since you're mixing a bunch of things together and decorating it after. I see myself doing these things for as long as I live, even though it's not something I'd do professionally, it's something I'd spend free time on. The reason why I'm taking physics is because I thought it'd be a class I'd actually enjoy. From what counselors and teachers said about it, it seemed more interesting than the other ch
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