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  1. When racing cars, you want tires that have grooves in them so you can create friction between your tires and the road. Without friction between your tires and the road, you will slip out of control. Also when racers smoke their tires before they race, they do this so the tires are hotter so therefore they will grip the pavement better. this allows them to accelerate faster.
  2. When doing a pull up, you have a force working against you on your travel up;Gravity. When you pull yourself up, gravity keeps constant pressure on you, thus making pull ups difficult.
  3. There is a lot of physics in singing. when you sing you create sound waves. The higher the pitch of your note while singing, means the sound waves you are creating have a high amplitude. If you are able to sing with a high amplitude and frequency, you can break glass, like on mythbusters.
  4. When executing a lincoln loop while skiing, surprisingly physics is involved. When taking off on the jump, there is friction slowing you down, the friction is between the bottom of your skis and the snow. Also when you are in the air, gravity is pushing you down. Also when you land, to an observer about 60 yards away, it appears as if you land and then you hear the sound of you smashing down onto the snow seconds after you land. This is because light travels faster than sound.
  5. when you climb a tree stand you press down on the ladder and as the result of your action there is an equal and opposite reaction I.E. moving up the ladder. also the reason it will hurt more if you fall of the top of your tree stand is because you'll be in the air longer allowing the force due to gravity, 9,81m/s^s.
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    Physics in talking

  7. if someone is driving in a circle they will have a centripetal force acting upon them. if for some reason the person was to lose control of the car it would go tangent to the circle it was previously going around. also if you knew the velocity of the car as well as the radius of the circle it was driving around you could find the centripetal acceleration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. there is physics in this because there is a transfer of energy. person a transfers their energy into person b. There is also conservation of momentum in this, person a's energy is transferred to person b's and the change of momentum causes person b to move. this is because person a's momentum is greater than person b's
  9. I have recently noticed that there is physics involved in skiing on top of a rail. there is a frictional force which is the rail and a normal force, which is the bottoms of the skis going on top of the rail. to go faster on the rails one can wax their skis so that the coefficent of friction on the bottom of the ski and the rail are much less than before.
  10. the physics of doing ski jumps are potential gravitational energy and kinetic energy. You could measure someones gravitational potential at the highest point of the jump. what is also interesting about ski jumps is that your speed may change but your energy doesnt due to the conservation of energy
  11. There is physics in hunting deer. When hunting deer with a gun, you have to take into account the distance at which you are trying to hit the deer at, and the direction of the wind. Due to the velocity of a bullet dropping as the distance it flies increases you have to aim accordingly. When i shot my deer at 200 yards I had to aim higher up to compensate for the bullet drop. Also do to the direction of he wind I had to adjust my sight to the opposite of the wind in order to hit my target. For this i could have used a VI VF D A T table to calculate how long it would take for the bullet to reach the target. I could also draw a free body digram. The mg would be the weight of the bullet multiplied by gravity(9.81 m/s^2) the Ff would be the wind direction and there would be a Fn as well.
  12. There is Physics in throwing a ball. When throwing a paper ball there is an applied force, which causes the ball's kinetic energy to increase and potential energy to increase, further allowing the ball to fly through the air. When the paper ball hits joe, it exerts a force on him and because joe is very weak, the force his body applies back onto the ball(Newton's third law) is equal but he still moves backwards.
  13. In soccer there is physcis. After running full speed trying to chase down a ball, one might find it hard to stop. This is because of Newton's First law, an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. This is why we can't stop immediatly after running. There is also physics when you kick the ball. Newton's third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action in this case is you kicking the ball and even though it's hardly noticable, the ball exerts a force on your foot that is equal to the force you are striking the ball with.
  14. In down hill skiing there is physics. To allow yourself to go faster, you push down and backwards on the snow with your poles. This demonstrates newtons Third law of every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the opposite reaction force moves you forward becuase when you push the poles backwards across the snow it pushes you forward as the opposite reaction. Another way to go faster when skiing is to tuck in your arms to your stomach and lean forward. The physics in this is that when you curl up your body you are minimizing the air resistance on your body, ultimatly allowing you to go faster. And finally the key to go really fast down a hill on skis is to wax the bottom of your skis. By waxing your skis this cuts down on the amount of friction between the bottom of the ski and the snow, less friction means a faster pace.
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    When you eat food, for example an apple, you are exerting a force on the apple to pick it up and bring it to your mouth, this is an applied force. Also when you exert the force on your apple it exerts an equal and opposite force on your hand. This is ultimatly a demonstration of Newton's third law, every action has an equal and oppostie reaction.
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    Its me.

    "there is not a lot to me" got that right vanill. But you're kind of decent at soccer.
  17. Wow danny, we have a lot of similar interests. And I feel the same way about physics
  18. My name is Seth. I am an 11th grader at Irondequoit high school. My interests are in playing soccer, skiing, and reffing soccer. I also enjoy eating food. The reason I am taking physics is because I like science and I want to gain more experience of science. It is also another credit towards my diploma. In physics I hope to learn how to make a catapult.
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