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I have a wide range of interests in the music I listen to, my hobbies and even the food I like.  But lets start off with something simple. The only sport I play is wrestling, although i do run and lift to stay in shape. I am the fundraising coordinator of the Class of 2016 and although i do not enjoy it all the time it does look good on a college application.  i don't really listen to a specific type of music because i listen to it all.  My favorite food is Italian food in general however my favorite food specifically is chicken riggies.  I have two very odd talents i know how to do origami and although i hate to admit it i know how to make a scarf.


I am taking physics for two main reasons. One, I plan on becoming a doctor and with that in mind I thought it to be smart if I were to take AP Chemistry my senior year and I've heard taking physics will make the class a little easier to understand. Two, I just like to know stuff in general and physics teaches you a whole lot. Im not taking physics to go into an engeneering field but i am looking forward to the course.

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