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        My name is Heather and I am excited for this year. I enjoy playing field hockey and skiing. My favorite subject is math and science was up there until I took chem. Chem was really hard for me but I hope I understand physics better. English class is easy for me. Overall I hope it is a fun year and class.

       I am taking physics because it was the next science up. However, after the first two days I realized it seems like an enjoyable class. The teacher seems really nice and funny and I hope it stays that way. Usually I do bad on tests but good on classwork and homework so I hope that will be enough for me to get a good grade. I don't really know what physics is all about either, I haven't heard much. 

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Good Afternoon Heather,

     I'm so glad to hear you're excited about the upcoming year -- I am too!  I really want physics to be a class where you can relax, let your guard down, enjoy what you're doing, and focus on learning and exploring instead of worrying about grades -- we haven't talked about it in detail yet, but my whole grading system (I call it Skills Based Grading, or SBG) is designed to minimize the stress of grades and allow you to focus on what you know and what you need to work on.  We'll figure it out and with a good attitude, we'll have a great time this year!



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