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Kerbal Launch #1 Jamison Industries LLP

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Team Name: Jamison Industries LLP

Available Funds: $70,000

Vehicle Name: The Dodo I

Vehicle Parts List and Cost:

·         4x Standard Canard Wing $700

·         FL-T800 Fuel Tank $800

·         MK1 Command Pod $600

·         MK16 Parachute $422

·         LV- 909 “Reliant” Liquid Fuel Engine $1100

Total: $5802

Design Goals: Create a small, easily controllable rocket that will safely transport a Kerbal 10km in altitude and then return to earth.

Launch Goal: Manned flight at over 10 km

Pilot Plan:

1)      Launch

2)      Direct increase in altitude until 10 km

3)      Level off flight path to stay in atmosphere

4)      Deploy Parachute over safe landing area



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