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Tide Pod Pre-Flight Breifing

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BS Enterprises

Starting funds: $60,000

Vehicle name: Tide Pod Mk1

Parts and Cost:

Mk1 Command Pod, Mk16 Parachute, RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster. Basic Fin x 4

Total cost: $1,322

Ending Funds: $58,678

Design Goals: 

Stable starting rocket with efficient costs and a safe return to Kerbin. 

Launch Goals:

Reach 10km while manned. 

Pilot Plan:

Straight up to 10km, and straight down with a parachute deployed for a safe landing. 


Launch Time: 10:56 am

Team Members: Roman St. Croix, Brandon Bansbach

Play by Play:

First, we set the throttle to 2/3. We then launched and moved straight upwards in the atmosphere to about 12km, then traveled straight down, deploying the parachute at 5km, and it activated at 2km to bring Valentina Kerbin to a safe landing. 

Time of Flight:

10 minutes


Our flight was a success for Kerbin kind. 


We learned how to set stages and how to adjust parachute settings, just the basics. 

What's Next?

Our next goal is to reach a height of 50km and return safely. We are slowly preparing ourselves for a trip to the Mun. 

Milestone Awards:

  • Launch to 10 km - $5,000
  • Manned launch to 10 km - $20,000

Total Awarded: $25,000

Total Funds: $84,478


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