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Orbital Recap

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Launch Time: 6:44.91

Team Members Present: All present and partaking

Play-by-Play: At the beginning Bill Kerman boarded the rocket Launch Meat and and was strapped in. Then once the weather cleared, the boosters ignited along side the rockets main engine and Bill oriented the rocket towards the east. The boosters were dropped when they ran out of fuel.  As the rocket traveled, it neared an apopsis of 80,000 km Bill Kerman turned off the throttle and began to coast towards the altitude of  80,000. Upon reaching the apopsis, Bill turned the engine back on full throttle to burn the last of the fuel in the first stage. Then the first stage detached and fell back towards Kerbin, and Bill fired up the second stage to reach orbit.

Photographs: Each launch should be accompanied by a minimum of two photographs from the mission. Screenshots may be made by pressing the F1 key at any time during the mission. If an award is achieved, make sure you take a screenshot as proof of the accomplishment.

Time-of-Flight: 9:22

Summary: In this launch team F'N Sandwich and pilot Bill Kerman achieved a stable orbit. After many failed tests, this goal was reached as our greatest milestone so far. Going forwards, we have learned that a greater heat shield will be required as the one used during this launch was damaged. 

Opportunities / Learnings: We learned that practice makes perfect and how to maneuver the rocket in the ways and orientation that we want. It gives us the confidence to move towards a moon landing or satellite launch.

Strategies / Project Timeline: This launch will set in motion missions of greater complexity. We aim to either put a satellite in orbit around Kerbin or put a Kerbin on the moon.

Milestone Awards Presented: We achieved a stable orbit and a stable manned orbit, and a launch to 50 KM for $20,000 $25,000 and $10,000 respectively.

Available Funds: We have $68,508 remaining prior to the possible $60,000 in rewards for our achievements.

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