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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog, but with good reason.  Starting roughly two years ago June, I began work to create short overview videos of all major topics covered by the NY Regents Curriculum.  Last night, 87 videos later, they were finally complete (  But allow me to explain further.

These are not meant to replace in-class instruction, or act as a substitute for reading the textbook, or supersede much more effective active learning techniques.  However, for the student who has to miss many days of school, or feels overwhelmed and would like the key concepts distilled down into the very basics, or wants a quick refresher before an exam, they can be a resource of great value.  I strongly believe in video instruction, but not in the vein of Khan Academy or others, in which video lectures take the place of quality instruction, but rather as additional resources to assist students in building a more complete understanding of the topic being explored.

Further, I am hopeful these will be of benefit to readers of my book “Regents Physics Essentials.”  Sometimes seeing sample problems walked through can be infinitely more valuable than reading a solution in a book.  I have also posted the videos on Youtube, and have received a very positive response through some 30,000 views.

So if you thought I’d dropped off the face of the Earth… no such luck.  Still here, I was just focusing on completing the videos before the next big event in my saga’s family — birth of baby girl #2 is imminent at any moment!

For those who have been wondering what comes next from an APlusPhysics perspective, here are a few of the projects I have on the docket:

  • Creating a set of PDF problem sheets for each unit in Regents Physics Essentials
  • Creating a video guide explaining how we use the APlusPhysics system for personalized, differentiated review
  • Converting Regents Physics Essentials into an iBooks2 interactive textbook format
  • Optimizing / Cleaning Up the Semiconductor Technology Enrichment Program (STEP) materials
  • And eventually, I want to try my hand at a speculative fiction novel (been planning for almost a year now!)

Best wishes to all, and thank you for your patience and understanding.  Make it a great day!