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  1. ever play with a slinky by pushing it down the stairs? well that's not all you can do with slinkys you can learn about waves with them. if two people hold each end of the slinky then move the slinky up and down then you can see a transverse wave that is a mechanical wave to because it have a medium (the metal). You can create all types of frequency's and amplitudes by either moving your hand up and down faster or slower. another wave you can see is a longitudinal wave by pulling the slinky together then letting go. you will see that the wave moves in the same way the velocity does. it doesn't move up and down it moves side to side. so next time you play with a slinky try to create some waves because you will be able to learn something's while having fun!
  2. you might think im crazy but there is physics in sleeping. even though you are not doing anything much when you sleep there still is a lot happening like gravity. when you sleep gravity doesn't just turn off or else you would be floating straight into the ceiling. Gravity keeps you attached to your nice cozy bed unless you fall off your bed. then gravity take role still because it pulls you to the floor. also when you fall to the floor you have a acceleration due to gravity of 9.81 m/s^2 and you would be able to find your velocity depending on how high your bed is and how long it took for you to fall. Good thing for gravity or else you would not be able to catch any sleep!
  3. Good thing we learned about circuits because physics is all over Christmas lights. have you ever tried lighting up your Christmas tree and notice that some lights light up and others don't? well this is because the lights are in a parallel circuit. this means that the electrons are shared between each light and have to go to each light separately. so when one light goes out only that one light goes out and not the rest. in a series circuit its the opposite because the electrons have to move through every light and if one light is broken then that means all the lights are not going to shine. this happens because you cant have a circuit with a open loop in it since the current cant jump.
  4. When we learned about waves in physics I realized that there was physics in music. Music is sound so that means that when you play music you create a sound wave. A sound wave is a long longitudinal wave so that means that the wave is parallel to the direction of the wave. when sound is created it pushes air particles closer together until it gets to our ear drums and vibrates it so that we can hear. depending on the frequency it can be a high pitch or low pitch sound. a high frequency creates and high pitch sound while a low frequency creates a low pitch sound.
  5. Man there is physics everywhere you look even in boating. When you are on a boat you see the waves that are created by the motor of the boat. these waves are transverse because they are moving one way while the waves are traveling perpendicular to the direction of the boat. When the water is at its highest point it is called a crest and when the wave of the water is at its lowest point it is called a trough. The frequency is the amount of waves that pass through during a certain time. Also there is a Doppler effect too. if you were just floating in the water and I came by in my boat the frequency of the sound would increase as I got closer and decrease as I got farther.
  6. A couple of days ago I fell down the stairs and even you think you cant find any physics in falling down the stairs then you would be very wrong! You could calculate the velocity at which I hit the stairs which must have been fast because I have a huge bruise on my elbow. You could also find out the force in which I hit the stairs. obviously I fell with an acceleration of 9.81m/s^2 because that is the rate at which objects fall on earth here. That darn gravity made me fall, if there was no gravity at the instant I fell then I would have just floated up to the ceiling. Their is physics everywhere and in everything you do... Remember that because it could help you in the long run!!!
  7. You can see a lot of physics in skiing. I love to go really fast while going down the hill. You can see the potential energy before I am going down a hill. I weigh about 90kg and since this is earth the gravity acting on me is 9.81 m/s^2. then if I was skiing down a hill that is 50 meters high, that means my potential energy would be m*g*h or (90kg)*(9.81m/s^2)(50m) which equals 44145 newtons. Now if I was going down the hill with a velocity of 15 m/s I could find my kinetic energy. My kinetic energy would be .5*m*v^2 or (.5)(90kg)(15m/s)^2 would be 10125 newtons. This is only a small amount of how physics is applied to skiing!!!!!!!
  8. I love to punch things and according to my physics class boxing has physics. I learned that everything I punch, punches me back! I couldn't believe that because this whole time I thought I was doing the hurting not the things I punch. For example if I punch you with a force of 10000 newtons that means that you punch my fist with a force of 10000 newtons. So basically if I punch someone in the face, their face hits my fist with a the same force. I can now use that as a excuse when I hit someone... "But Mom Hannah hit my fist with her face as you can tell with my red knuckles" Hopefully it works! Thanks Physics!
  9. One of my favorite thing to do in basketball is dunking. I dunk at least 4 to 5 times a game and now that I am in physics I can show that physics is in dunking. First thing is that you jump into the air with an acceleration of -9.81 because that is the opposite of gravity. At my highest point which is about 3.5 meters high I have a velocity of 0 because for a short time I stop and I am not moving at all. My kinetic energy at the top equals the potential energy at the bottom. During dunking I do work on the ball. The ball's force is 624 grams * 9.81 m/s^2 which equals 6,121 newtons. I lift the ball 2 meters high when you multiply 2 meters by 6,121 newtons you get 12,242 joules. The power on the ball is 6,121 watts because I lifted the ball in 2 seconds. I love basketball which has physics in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Physics is everywhere and in driving you can see a lot of physics. First off when you are driving you start off in with a velocity of zero. Then slowly you accelerate to a speed of 35 m/s. If you get to 35 m/s in 5 seconds then your acceleration would be 7 m/s^2. Then if you break and come to a stop in 7 seconds your acceleration would be -5 m/s^2. If you drove to your friends house to that is 15 meters away then to the store that is 40 meters away then back home your displacement would be zero because you ended back right where you started. Physics is everywhere!
  11. Jumping doesn't only consist of going up and down it also has physics in it to. when you jump you have a vertical velocity and when you reach the max distance that you can jump, you stop for a split second then you come back down to earth. your acceleration going up is always -9.18m/s^2 and coming down it is 9.81m/s^2. this is due to gravity trying to pull you back down to the earth. Say you jump off a cliff, you could find anything out if you know three of five of the kinematic variables. Say the height of the cliff was 80 meters and it took you 6 secs to fall, knowing your acceleration being 9.81 due to gravity you could figure out how far you landed from the cliff!
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    baseball is my favorite sport!!
  13. There is a ton of physics in basketball. There is running, jumping, shooting, and many more activities that go along with physics in basketball. the main one is shooting. When you shoot the ball in the air, it is a projectile until it leaves touches the hoop. If you have to shoot a really far shot you have to shoot at a angle of 45 degrees so that it can go the farthest possible distance. If you can figure out the velocity you have to shoot the ball, the height that you need to jump at and release the ball then you can make the same shot every single time if you can duplicate it the same way. Overall there is a lot of physics in basketball to much for a single person to think about that is why I only mentioned one aspect of the game.
  14. Doing homework has a lot of physics in it. For example when you cant figure out a problem in your physics homework you may want to jump off a cliff. Now when you jump off the cliff you would have a vertical velocity of 9.81 because of the gravity. Depending on how high the cliff was you could figure of the time it would take you to fall. Another thing you could do if you couldn't do your math homework, you could launch yourself from a canon. In order to get the farthest distance you want to shoot yourself at a 45 degree angle, this would cause the horizontal and vertical velocity to be the same. If you are lucky you could be shot into a pool so that you could just cool off instead of doing your homework.
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